Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box Location | Find Out where it is

Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box Location

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 05:03 am

Where in the bejeebers is the Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box Location? Many RVers have encountered a blown fuse or tripped switch at some point. Unfortunately, if you cannot locate the fuse box or breaker, you will likely encounter other problems. This underscores the importance of knowing the location of the fuse box in your motorhome. 

In the Fleetwood motorhome, the interior fuse box is located underneath the steering column. The under-hood fuse box can be found in the engine compartment next to the battery. You can also find it in a cabinet in the kitchen area.

Fleetwood manufacturer tends to locate the fuse box under the hood or behind your refrigerator near the 110-volt breakers. It is advisable to refer to the owner’s manual to get the exact location of your fuse box. 

This article aims to answer this question for you as well as give you other clues on where you can find the fuse box in your RV. 

Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box Location

Fleetwood motorhome fuse box location

There are fuses on AC and DC systems alike. They play the important role of stopping the flow of power in case of a failure to prevent further damage or a fire hazard. Moreover, they work to protect whatever appliance or component uses that source.

Thus, it is vital to replace any blown fuses with another one of the same amperages. RV manufacturers ensure they design these systems to guarantee optimal safety. 

The tricky part, however, is to locate them. More often, the fuse box is paired with the electrical panel. Other times, it can be found in a cabinet in the kitchen area. In Fleetwood manufacturers installed the fuse box, you are likely to find it under the hood or above/ behind your refrigerator near the 110 volts breakers. 

Where Are Other Places You Can Find an RV Fuse Box?

The location of the fuse box can vary depending on the model of the RV you are dealing with. Different models by the same brand could also have different fuse box locations. Here are some of the places you should look at first. 

Low to the Floor

A common location of fuse boxes in RVs is close to the ground inside the RV. You can check for it between the stove and refrigerator on the ground level under the cupboard. The fuse panel often has a black cover over it. Also, it can be found on the floor left of the kitchen sink. Other models have it near the floor but below the television hookups. 

Inside a Dash or Black Box in the Engine Compartment

Some of motorhome manufacturers prefer having their fuse box under the hood in front of the motor but closer to the driver’s side. In this case, this fuse box often houses the engine control fuses such as the air conditioner system and fuel pump.

Additionally, further right to this box under the hood, you will find another fuse control panel that has fuses that control the RVs coach functions such as the electric step. 

When looking to see whether the fuse box is inside the dash, keep an eye out for a removable panel. Some Fleetwood motorhome owners state that the fuse box location will depend on whether the fuse box was installed by the chassis manufacturer or the motorhome manufacturer. 

Inside an Electrical Storage Compartment

If you have an older Fleetwood model, the fuse box is likely to be located inside an electrical storage compartment inside the motorhome. Some Fleetwood motorhome owners confirm that the fuse box was found alongside their 110-volts circuit breakers in the electrical compartment in this RV’s exterior storage compartments. 

Inside Bedside Cabinet

The fuse box could also be located inside a bedside cabinet. Other models will have it inside a kitchen cabinet. 

Under the Bathroom Sink

Some popular motorhome brands have been known to prefer underneath the bathroom sink as an ideal location for the fuse box. 

At the End of a Bed

Another interesting location of fuse boxes is at the end of the bed in the primary bedroom. As odd as this location is, it gives easy access to the fuses. 


Oftentimes, the pre-fuse box is located in the engine compartment attached to the positive battery post. This box houses several high-current fuses. 

Most vehicles are installed with two fuse boxes. One is often located in the engine compartment and protects the engine components. 

Check for a blown fuse, and remove the fuse from its holder. You may need a small screwdriver to unscrew the fuse holder cap. Then, inspect the fuse wire. If there is a visible gap in the wire or a metallic smear inside the glass, this usually indicates a blown fuse that needs replacement. 


It is always important to know where the fuse box is located. This will come in handy in case of a blown fuse that needs replacement. Failure to do so in good time could lead to damage and pose a fire hazard. Different RV models have different fuse box locations as explained above.