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How to Remove a Dometic RV Refrigerator

Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 08:46 am

This article offers a solution to the problem above and answers other questions on how to remove a dometic rv refrigerator

Any time you decide to replace your old camper fridge, the main obstacle you will face is removing it. If it was a built-in model, removing it will not be an easy task. In fact, it is possible that the fridge will be too large to get out of the trailer door. Many manufacturers install the fridge and other equipment before installing their doors. 

The process starts with taking accurate measurements of the fridge and then removing the screws that hold it in place. Then, remove its exterior frame before you disconnect the wires that connect to the fridge.

Afterward, you can remove the caulking that holds the fridge in place and any other screws. Then, remove the fridge from its spot and to the door. If it fits, that is fine. If it does not, you may have to remove the door and door frame to get it out. 

How to Remove a Dometic RV refrigerator?

Many of the fridges in campers tend to be larger than the door opening. This means that you have to get an alternate path to remove the fridge.

To remove your Dometic refrigerator, there is a procedure to be followed. It is important to note that different RVs and trailers come with different floor plans and designs. 

The first step would be to take measurements. Accurate measurements will ensure that you avoid purchasing a fridge that is too large for the space. Also, if you know the exact measurement of the current fridge, you will be able to tell whether it fits through the door or not.

Afterward, you can go ahead and remove any screws that hold the fridge in place. Ensure that there are no obstructions before you are ready to physically move the fridge. 

Also, remove any exterior frame and disconnect the wires attached to the fridge. Then, remove the old caulking that holds the fridge in place and any other remaining screws. You can then go ahead and remove the fridge from its spot.

While at the door, the fridge might fit through with no hassle. If not, you may have to remove the door and its frame depending on the door’s width alongside that of the fridge. 

What Are Some Common Problems With Domestic RV Refrigerators?

No appliance comes void of problems. At some point, troubleshooting your Dometic RV fridge will be necessary. While some cases need professional assistance, other times basic maintenance will do the trick. The common problems include the fridge not powering on, the fridge not staying cold, or the propane being connected but there being no heat. 

How to Defrost an RV Refrigerator? 

The safest way to defrost an RV refrigerator is by turning it off completely and then removing all the food inside. Then, open all doors to the fridge and leave them until the frost is all gone. This is likely to take a long time. This means that you may need plenty of insulated bags to store your food items as the fridge defrosts. 

Can You Replace an RV Refrigerator With a Regular Refrigerator?

Yes, it is possible to swap your RV refrigerator with the regular one but this might take a little work. Sometimes people find that their RV refrigerators are too small and not able to keep the food cool.

This explains why they want to upgrade to the standard residential refrigerator rather than the camper fridge. This is a possible undertaking, but with many drawbacks and sacrifices to be done. 


The camper fridge differs from the standard residential fridge in that it uses heat with a combination of hydrogen gas, water, and ammonia to cool foodstuff rather than the conventional mechanic compressor and evaporator setup. In terms of size, camper fridges are made to fit the tight compact spaces of the RV. Therefore, they tend to be smaller with a smaller footprint. 

When you decide to change your RV fridge for another model, there are several factors to consider. For one, size is an important determinant. Most RVs are not unlimited in their kitchen sizes. The space that is available in your RV will determine the size options that you have. Also, capacity is an important consideration. Different models have different capacities even if they fit in one space. 

The 3-way refrigerator is one which has 3 modes of operation—240v man, LPG gas, and 12v battery. it is a type of portable fridge that does not include a compressor, but rather employs a gas flow heat exchange system to cool. 


Removing a refrigerator from a camper is often a frustrating task. The situation may be more difficult or simpler depending on whether the fridge fits through the door or not. Still, the urge to upgrade to larger fridges motivates many to face all the drawbacks head-on. In the long run, it is a possible undertaking.