How to Repair a Torn Camping Chair? – Quick and Easy Steps

how to repair a torn camping chair

Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 07:12 pm

Many people can attest to the extreme discomfort that sitting on a broken or torn camping chair brings. Thankfully, you do not have to tolerate this any longer. The solution is not always to go back to your pocket and get a new one. In the case of a torn fabric, we have an easy way to mend it. 

The torn fabric can easily be mended using a thread and needle. You will only be required to patch the ripped area with new sturdier material. After inspecting the chair, assemble all your mending items, assemble the patch, and attach it to the fabric and your chair is back in working order.

This article shares a helpful step-wise procedure on how you can go about repairing a torn camping chair. Read on. 

How to Repair a Torn Camping Chair in 4 Easy Steps.

how to repair a torn camping chair

Camping chairs are exposed to a lot of damage outdoors, from broken legs, and loose joints, to torn fabric. With time, the camping chair wears out and may eventually tear. A misconception that many have is that the product was fake or the fabric was inferior. However, that is not usually the case. 

Torn fabrics happen more often than not, and the target areas are usually within the seat or near the armrests. Either way, such a seat is not comfortable. Moreover, a small torn section can potentially enlarge and eventually render the chair unusable. You may have to buy a new camping chair altogether. 

If you are willing to salvage the situation, we present an easy way to go about it. Mending the torn fabric with a sturdier fabric goes a long way in extending the useful life of the chair. You will require a few essentials. 

What you will need 

  • Durable thread 
  • Strong needle 
  • Pair of scissors 
  • A patch made of durable and thick material

Step 1: Assemble the required items 

Lay out all the items you require for the task at hand. Firstly, the patch should be large enough to cover the entire torn area. Selecting the right material for the patch is vital. Thick and durable materials such as denim are recommended.

A strong needle that can puncture both the patch and chair’s material and a durable thread are to be used alongside the patch. An upholstery thread is recommended since it is strong and durable. You may want to include a hard object to push in the needle. 

Step 2: Inspect the camping chair

Take your time to inspect the camping chair, particularly where the fabric attaches to the chair frame. The aim is to ensure the connecting supporting tubes are firm. If not, a screwdriver comes in handy to twist the fastener screw until you tighten the connection. 

In the case of a folding chair, focus on the hinge points and repair them if need be. The first step is to ensure that you set the extrusion multiplier to attain a layer with exceptional strength. To remove the old part, you will have to drill off the rivets and then fix your replacement piece with screws and nuts. 

Step 3: Start stitching

Many people would prefer a matching fabric to be used as a patch. Some may not be easy to come by, so you can use any strong fabric. If the chair is slightly ripped, you can thread back the fabric with a thread and needle. 

Step 4: Patch up

If there’s a hole in your chair, you will need to add a patch. Following the basic rules of stitching, the number of stitching lines may depend on the thread’s strength and the location of the tear.

For an upholstery thread, one stitching line will suffice. This is done to ensure that the patch stays for a long time and does not come out easily.  

It is advisable to cut out the fabric to a 6 by 6-inch square. The excess is cut off using a pair of scissors. Once the patch is ready, attach it to the fabric. Carefully place it over the hole, and sew it to the torn area using thread and needle.

Most of the chair fabrics tend to be tough and hence, you may require a hard object to push in the needle. This protects your fingers from blisters or bruises. Give it a strong and clean finish by securing the ends properly. 

Mending a torn camping chair does not guarantee that it will last a long time. However, it can give you some more years of use and give you good value for your money for every chair. Don’t worry if the patch is visible, the chair will be in working order until you are able to buy another one.  


The general rule of thumb is that, if the rip is approximately six inches or less, the above method applies and you have yourself a chair nearly as good as new.

However, if the chair has multiple rips or a large rip that runs a significant length of the seat or back, patching is not only difficult but may also not be as effective. 

After patching, the camping chair is back in working order. It regains full functionality and can last longer. However, it often occurs that the patch does not match the chair’s fabric but this should not be a major issue. 

Fixing a broken chair requires a few household tools and materials, depending on which part is broken. The best way to repair the chair is by reconnecting the support bars of the chair. This can be done by re-attaching them to other support bars to prevent a collapse of the chair.


We may have to come to terms with the reality that no camping chair can last forever. However, a broken chair should not be rendered useless so easily– not if there’s something you can do about it. The tips above work for a torn camping chair and serve to lengthen its life, saving you money in the long run. 

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