3 Most Common Westinghouse Igen2500 Problems With Solutions Too!

Westinghouse igen2500 problems

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 08:57 am

The Westinghouse Igen2500 inverter generator is well known, and for good reasons. For one, it is conveniently portable and extremely quiet. However, this outstanding generator has its flaws. There have been countless mishaps that have cost the hard-earned Westinghouse reputation. 

Generator problems can cause very many issues but the Westinghouse Igen2500 takes it up a notch. Its issues are a potential hazard and pose great risks to any operator. This generator is known to leak more often than not, overheat, and has the tendency of bursting into flames during operation. It is also associated with poor build quality characterized by constant breakdowns. 

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This article is a summary of the common problems that are related to the Westinghouse iGen2500 generator. Hopefully, it will help with any issues. 

Westinghouse Igen2500 Problems With Solutions

Westinghouse igen2500 problems

The Westinghouse inverter generator is one of the most lightweight, efficient, and portable generators there are.  With its simple setup and run process, you have all your need for a hassle-free portable power.

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This generator is recommended for home backup in case of a power outage or recreational uses like tailgating or camping. However, it has been associated with numerous problems that eventually led to its recall from the market. Outlined below are the frequently reported issues with the Westinghouse iGen2500 generator. 

Gas leaks 

The idea of fuel leaks is often that of slow but steady drips of gasoline. However, as mentioned earlier, the Westinghouse iGen inverter generator tends to take it up a notch. Rather it spouts gas in the insides that can only be likened to a fountain. And given its closed and compact construction, removing the gas from the inside components proves to be a futile task. 

You can use a rag to soak it up and wring the cloth over and over again until you manage to remove it all. 

Poor Build Quality and Constant Breakdowns

There have been several design flaws in this generator. Besides the faulty fuel lines, there are other reported flaws. For instance, the gas cap does not properly vent, the engine keeps dying, and the pull handle was flimsily constructed. 

Moreover, despite its 2500 watts rating, this generator is not able to handle much power. If loaded with appliances such as an air conditioner, fridge, or any other that would require a large amount of power, it would die. 

Overheating and Catching Fire

The igen2500 features a closed construction and a relatively poor cooling system. It is therefore prone to spontaneous and frequent combustion. This coupled with the leaking gas becomes a looming disaster.

The frequent fires that have been reported by previous users prompted the recall of this product. Thankfully, the faulty units were repaired and re-released in the market, and so far, there have been no reported cases of the same issue. 

Still have problems with Westinghouse generators

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Following the myriads of problems and extreme flammability reports, the iGen2500 made its way to the radar of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and thus a recall was issued for all Westinghouse iGen 2500 and iPro2500 generators in 2017. However, to its credit, Westinghouse seemed to have fixed most of the problems on their iGen2500 and the product has been since accepted in the market. 

From online reviews, these generators can be said to be among the safest and most reliable generators on the market. The product line is known to offer a great selection of not only affordable but also high-end options. You can count on all the company’s generators to be built with dependable and high-quality engines. 

The Westinghouse generators are fitted with their own Westinghouse brand engines. These are specifically purpose-designed and built 4-stroke, overhead valve petrol engines that comply with US EPA emissions standards. 


While the Westinghouse iGen 1500 is an ideal portable generator for RVs and home backup, its problems proved otherwise. However, after the recall, the re-released products have had their issues fixed and there is nothing to worry about. 

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