6 Common Noco GB 70 Problems & Solutions

Noco gb70 problems

Last updated on February 8th, 2024 at 05:27 am

The NOCO GB 70 is one of the most reliable portable jump starter kits there are in the market. You can count on it for recharging a dead automobile battery whenever you are outdoors.

The jump starter kit will get your car operating easily and in no time. Sometimes you may notice that it does not retain its charge for an extended period of time as expected. There are several reasons for this. 

Some of the common noco gb70 problems start with include a clicking noise when connected to a poor battery, a defective electrical outlet, a damaged USB charging port, a dirty USB port, or connected to the wrong USB port.

Some of these issues can be easily solved individually, while others will require professional intervention. 

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This article highlights some of the common issues that would cause the NOCO GB 70 jumpstarter to not function optimally. Read on. 

Noco GB 70 Problems and Possible Solutions

Noco gb70 problems

More often than not, we tend to suspect the battery or any loose connections when the NOCO GB 70 is not working correctly. In truth, there are many other things that could be a possibility. Therefore, it is vital that you diagnose each problem correctly and find its respective solution. Below are some of the common problems. 

1.Clicking Noise Due to Poor Battery

This is a common occurrence especially when you connect the GB 70 to a battery in bad shape. This is often attributed to sulfation, severe internal damage, or a dead cell. You will notice that the GB 70 will start making some clicking noise and will not enter into charge mode. 

2.Electrical Outlet Not Working

To charge the NOCO GB 70, it is to be plugged into a USB port. There are different USB ports that you can use including an electrical outlet adaptor. If plugging the GB 70 into the electrical outlet does not show any signs of charging, the issue could be a defective outlet. 

3.Connected to the Wrong USB Port

Genius boost jump starters often have two USB ports installed—one in and another out. If you happen to connect to the wrong port, it will not charge the internal boost battery and it will look like the GB 70 is not charging. 

4.Damaged USB Charging Cable

A damaged USB can also be the reason why the jump start is not charging. These cables tend to be strong with a long lifespan. However, they can get damaged with frequent use

5.Dirty USB Port 

If you store your NOCO GB 70 in your garage where it is exposed to various liquids and lubricants, the USB port may have accumulated some of it. Therefore, it is important to examine it for any corrosion, dust, or grime. 

6.USB Port Not Charging

Another culprit could also be the input charging port if you have replaced the USB cable and cleaned the input socket. Unfortunately, a broken socket is not something an inexperienced DIYer can work around. If that is the case, it is advisable to call an expert for assistance.

Solutions: How to Use the Noco GB 70 Safely to Avoid Problems

There are a few tips you may want to consider if you intend on operating the NOCO GB 70 safely without experiencing some problems. 

For starters, ensure that the battery stays charged. It is important to note that deep charging could damage the batteries and reduce their capacity. Therefore, keep an eye on it and ensure you charge it the right way. This can be done by keeping the jump starter close to full charge to extend its useful life. 

The next thing is to ensure that you connect the USB cable to the right port, that is the USB IN socket anytime you are charging the NOCO GB 70 jump starter battery. The USB OUT socket is designed to charge other devices such as headsets, phones, or other USB device. 

Usually, starting a car takes a lot of energy. This means that you will be burning a lot of stored energy on the jump starter. With that in mind, it is important that you recharge it after each use even if it has not been used for three months to avoid over-discharges. 


As an indicator of a fully charged battery, the 100% charge LED turns on. It will go off if the battery is slightly less than 100%. When fully charged, the green LED will be solid. It turns off if 25%, 50%, and 75% are full. 

Yes, the NOCO GB 70 has the capacity to start a dead battery. It is designed to start a 12v lead acid battery from a voltage as low as 2v. Moreover, there is the manual override option that allows you to force ON the jump start function if you are dealing with a battery that is below 2 volts. Still, you can use it on a wide range of 6v and 12v batteries, including gel, wet, AGM batteries, and any typical and maintenance-free batteries. 


Above are the common issues that previous users of the NOCO GB 70 have encountered. Hopefully, you are now aware of how to tackle each of them for the smooth running of the unit. Otherwise, the NOCO GB 70 is one of the best in the market since they are exceptionally made and will only fail in unusual circumstances. 

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