4 Common Grand Design Slide-Out Problems & Solutions

Grand design slide-out problems

Last updated on April 14th, 2023 at 03:51 pm

The introduction of recreational vehicles can be seen as the answer to a traveler’s prayer. These vehicles fulfill the fantasy of an open road, the freedom of driving, and the opportunity to comfortably travel virtually anywhere. One such RV is the Grand Design, and you can count on it to give you the comfort of home, far from home. 

However, with time and frequent use, the slide-out on the camper could have some issues. While RV slides allow you to extend the living space on your RV, they could have some complications along the way. These include a faulty slide-out, unresponsive slide-out, slide-out getting stuck in between, or the slide-out getting stuck. 

This article focuses on some of the issues that a buyer needs to be aware of when it comes to dealing with the Grand Design slide out as well as possible solutions. 

Grand Design Slide-Out Problems and How to Fix Them

Grand design slide-out problems

Grand Design is a top-in-class RV manufacturing company that has earned its place in the ranks. This brand strives to produce high-quality RVs that stand out in the market. They also offer unparalleled pre-delivery inspection activity, setting their bar far apart from their competitors.

However, what many find hard to accept is that regardless of the brand, any RV could face some problems with time. Grand Design for one is not perfect, and hence you should expect some problems with the slide-out system. Thankfully, these problems are easy to troubleshoot. They are outlined below.

Unresponsive Slide-out  

In design, upon pressing the control switch, the pump and motor are prompted to start running and the slide comes out. However, in some case scenarios, doing so has no effect at all. You can thus infer that the problem lies with the control switch.

You are thus required to check the switch and its wiring for any damage. If the switch is in good condition, you can try unplugging the RV from the external power source for a little while and plug it in again. 

The slide-out could also become unresponsive if the breakers have tripped. This calls for resetting. Another culprit is the low power in the battery. Any RV owner understands that the RV needs the power to operate optimally. Turn on the generator to power the batteries and you will be good to go in no time. 

Slide Out Getting Stuck in Between

It could also happen that the slide-out gets stuck in between when. This can happen as a result of dust or mud being stuck on the slide out. Often, many RV owners do not take the time to clean the RV and clear the dust accumulated on the slide-out. In the case of rust, go for WD 40 cleaning solution and clean it up. 

If your slide-out is stuck in, the RV is easily rendered unlivable especially if the slide out is connected to other amenities, doors, or is a barrier. The slide-out can also be stuck because of the hydraulic system default. Ensure that the hydraulic fluid reservoir has sufficient fluid in the system and the leveling legs should be up when the slide is in. 

Slide Out Getting Stuck

Sometimes, rather than not responding, the slide-out gets stuck. Grand Design has designed its RVs in such a way that the slide-out cannot come out if you are driving the RV. This not only saves the RV but also the driver from an unexpected accident.

The slide-out can only be accessed in parking mode only—it is important for owners to note that. This can be the reason why you think your slide-out is stuck. 

To solve this, simply access a safe parking side or gear, and your slide-out will not be stuck anymore. If this does not work, you can try gently pushing the slide out so it moves. However, this is unlikely to work if there is an active brake or lock on the motor. It is advisable to never drive the RV with the slide-out extended. 

Faulty Slide out 

The other reason is that the slide out could be faulty. If you have tried all possible solutions and nothing, you may be dealing with a faulty slide out. RV slide-outs can suffer from leaks when, with time, the seals around the slide-outs become less functional allowing moisture to enter. 

The hydraulic pumps that activate the hydraulic ram could also fail with low fluid levels—a result of a leak. Pump failure can also be caused by faulty gears. Using a seal protector on both sides will help prevent damage caused by leaking. 

It could also be that the slide-out has reached the end of its lifespan. The components may malfunction and environmental factors such as high humidity could cause the unit to short circuit. 


Grand Design installs the Lippert Electrical slideout system on its RVs. 

To reset the slide-out controller, access the switch and depress the out button until the slide extends fully. Then, depress the in button to allow the slide in for 8 to 10 inches. Then, repeat the process not less than three times until you retime the system. 

Final Thoughts

Grand Design is a trusted and reliable company when it comes to its RVs. However, some issues are simply inevitable and are likely to be experienced with prolonged use of their RVs. If all the fixes suggested above are ineffective, you can try contacting any Grand Design support staff. 

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