The Most Common Furrion 12V Fridge Problems & How To Fix Them

Last updated on August 8th, 2023 at 04:58 am

The Furrion 12V Fridge Problems vary widely from blown fuses, bad wire connections, and tripped breakers to a broken converter and no power in the battery.

The root cause of most of these issues is electricity. Moreover, you can have problems with the parts in the fridge. You can perform most of the repairs on your own or have them checked by a technician. 

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RV makers strive to install the best equipment and furniture in their RVs to ensure that you have the best experience. Among these appliances include the Furrion 12V fridge. It is known to be a reliable addition to the RV. However, it could easily develop some issues along the way. It is easy to get frustrated by all the possibilities that can go wrong in the Furrion fridge. 

Furrion 12V Fridge wont turn on

To learn more about why your Furrion fridge is not working, this is the article for you. It summarizes the common problems as well as gives solutions to each of them. Read on. 

Furrion 12V Fridge Problems and How to Fix them

The Furrion 12V fridge is specially designed to be installed in RVs. Therefore, like any other RV parts, it can become problematic at some point. Below are some of the common problems related to the Furrion 12V fridge. 

Furrion RV Fridge Won’t Turn On

A culprit for this issue is that the fridge remains at the temperature level set. To successfully turn it on, you will have to lower the setting to a colder temperature. The other issue could lie within the power supply. If there is any interruption in gas or electricity, the fridge will not turn on. You can also try checking the components in the fridge for any damage or if they are worn out. 

You will find a black inline fuse at the back of the fridge. Remove the back panel to check for an improper connection or blown fuse.  

Furrion RV Fridge Won’t Turn On

Furrion Fridge Not Cooling

Another issue is that the fridge does not perform its main purpose of cooling. This may be attributed to poor air circulation that hinders the fridge from cooling properly. It could also be the thermostat or temperature sensor that is failing you. If these parts are the issue, you will need the intervention of a repairman to replace them. 

Moreover, you can check the ammonia levels inside the fridge. Inadequate levels could be the reason why the fridge is not cooling. Another thing is that you could be opening the fridge door too much, overloading it with containers, or placing hot food inside. Checking for these simple things will help save you time and money. 

Furrrion Fridge Not Cooling but the Freezer Is in Working Order

This could be an issue with the control panel. If that is the case, it calls for the expertise of a technician to diagnose the problem and replace the control panel if need be. Also, if you overload the fridge, only the freezer will work.

There are other more serious problems that could cause the issue. These include the evaporator fan, defrost system or a faulty damper control that blocks a part of the fridge from working. 


There are three main different fuses that deserve your attention in the Furrion fridge. First off is the glass fuse that is located at the back of the fridge– It is easy to spot. The second is the inline fuse that is inside the fridge at the back. It is a separate fuse not included in the fuse panel underneath it and is usually difficult to find and remove. The third one is outside the RV located in the same areas as the wires of the fridge. 

There is good news for Furrion Frdige owners. So far, there has been no recall for any of the models. From the website, you will confirm that Furrion is not on the list of brand names that have issued recalls. The only Furrion product that has been recently recalled was the television antenna.  


If you detect issues with the Furrion fridge and are still under the warranty, you can call the dealer instead of messing with the fixes that would render it void of the warranty. If not, ensure that you have a technician check it out. 

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