5 Common Domestic 320 Toilet Problems with Solutions

Dometic 320 toilet problems

Last updated on April 14th, 2023 at 03:57 pm

By now, most people are aware that there is a significant difference between the toilets used at home and those in the RVs. The main difference is in terms of the materials used. Also, the RV commode is equipped with rubber seals that prevent odor and water from spreading. One of the best toilets that are specially designed for RVs is the Dometic 320. However, there are some issues with this toilet that you should learn about.  

These issues include spreading bad odor, water not flowing in the bowl, water leakage, water flowing continuously, and the parts not easily accessible. While some of these issues can be solved easily with proper care and maintenance, others may require repair and/or replacement. 

This article highlights the common problems you are likely to face with the Dometic 320 toilet as well as their solutions. 

Dometic 320 Toilet Problems and Possible Solutions

Dometic 320 toilet problems

Dometic 320 toilet is designed for RVs. They are therefore different from the regular toilets at home. Although they do not have the comfort and features of a home toilet, Dometic 320 toilets are pretty good with a deep ceramic bowl and enameled wood seat to offer comfort. Also, the full-rim flush is pressurized to ensure a clean bowl after every flush. 

Despite all that, these toilets have some issues. Proper care and maintenance are one of the best preventive measures to adopt. 

Problem Solution 
Spreading bad odor Frequent maintenance 
Water not flowing into the bowl Cleaning the valve screen frequently 
Water leakage  Keep the rubber in good condition 
Parts not easily accessible Order online from Dometic 
Water will not stop flowing Check the valve and replace it where necessary 

Spreading Bad Odor

Typically, RVs are designed with compact space. Therefore, if your toilet happens to have foul odor, it will spread through the entire RV in no time. A common problem with the Dometic 320 toilet is that the rubber seal may fail to work correctly.

This means water from the black tank can easily spread in the commode, spreading odor to the whole RV. It is a major cause for concern and should not be taken lightly. But this issue can be fixed easily. It will take frequent maintenance to overcome the problem. 

Water Not Flowing Into the Bowl

Once you are done with the toilet, there is nothing more annoying and frustrating than noticing that there is no water that is flowing into the bowl. Well, unfortunately for some people, this is a common occurrence with the Dometic 320 toilet. The main culprit for this is a clogged valve screen—and it gets clogged pretty fast. 

If this happens, no water can flow to the bowl when the toilet is flushed. This becomes unhygienic as well. Keeping the valve cleaned frequently from water debris will help prevent this problem from occurring. 

Water Leakage 

The water may start leaking from the base of the commode. The main cause for this is a faulty flange. It is a round shape rubber part that is installed to keep the water from leaking. If faulty, water will leak from the base and spread through the entire bathroom. This is also a cause of bad odor in the RV. 

Ensure that you clean the round-shaped rubber regularly and check whether it is okay. If not, a replacement may be due. 

Parts Not Easily Available

Dometic toilets are the go-to for many RVs. However, their parts are not easily and widely available. Being an RV toilet, you are not likely to find it in regular shops. You may be forced to order online from Dometic. 

Water Will Not Stop Flowing

If the water is not flowing in your Dometic 320 toilet, sometimes it could flow continuously and not stop after you flush. Not sure which is worse. If the water does not stop flowing, it brings with it multiple issues. For one, it can empty the tank unnecessarily. In turn, this tops up the black tank. 

This issue is mainly caused by a faulty valve. You are required to check the valve and change it frequently. Otherwise, this will be a recurring problem. 


There might be several reasons that explain why your toilet may not be flushing. One main reason is a faulty flush valve. The water will not be able to come into the bowl upon pressing the foot pedal. 

Dometic brand offers a 2-year warranty for its RV toilets for family use. The warranty starts from the day of the original purchase. If the RV is used for commercial purposes, the warranty is only valid for 90 days. 

A leaking camper toilet can be a result of faulty water valves, a cracked bowl, faulty flange seals, and improper sealing. 


Dometic 320 is a good camper toilet overall. However, its issues are not minor or irreversible. To ensure functionality and good working order in the long run, you need to ensure proper and regular maintenance.