5 Roadtrek Zion Problems & Solutions

roadtrek zion problems

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 09:02 am

For those who fancy traveling or taking long drives, then the Roadtrek Zion is a great companion. And previous users can confirm this. It will make a great investment for you and your entire family on your next outdoor adventure. However, there are some common Roadtrek Zion Problems related to this great camper. 

Basically, the common problems include temperature issues, interior issues, battery problems, electrical issues, and engine problems. While some of them can be easily fixed, others may need the intervention of an expert in the field. That said, you need not worry. With proper care and maintenance of the camper, you can avoid some of them. 

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This article is a summary of the common problems you are likely to encounter with Roadtrek Zion. 

5 Common Roadtrek Zion Problems & Solutions

roadtrek zion problems

You can never go wrong with the Roadtrek Zion camper. It is built to the highest quality and durability standards. However, there are some common issues that are bound to arise with time. It is important to diagnose them correctly so you can find solutions. 

Battery Problems 

Battery problems are top on the list of common problems with the Roadtrek Zion. It can be detected when you are trying to start the engine but it is not getting any power. Also, you can tell battery issues if the headlights, dashboard lights, and indicators do not light.

Battery problems may arise from one of two reasons. It could be that the battery is not charged adequately, or the terminal wires are rusted or loosely connected. 


The first step once you detect battery problems is to check the terminal wires for loose connection. If you find that they are rusted, you can use hot water to remove the rust and then reconnect them.

You can also inspect the water level in the battery and refill if empty. The last thing is to check whether the battery is charged and recharge if necessary. However, if all the above solutions fail, then you may be forced to purchase a new battery. 

Tire-Related Problems 

Issues with the tire may arise before the start of a journey or while you are driving. An inflated tire is one of them and you can easily notice this. While on the road, tire problems can be detected differently.

For instance, you may notice that the camper is swaying and not getting in the right direction while steering. The two main causes of tire-related problems are tire leakage and insufficient air pressure. 


The first step is to check the tire pressure using a pressure measuring meter. If you find it to be below optimum, pressurize the tires. However, if you notice that the tire loses pressure frequently, have a tire leakage test. A servicing shop can repair it for you. 

Temperature Control Problems 

AC problems are also frequent problems in Roadtrek Zion. Since you use this camper for long drives, going with a faulty AC can be unbearable. They play a crucial role in ensuring you are comfortable throughout the journey.

Some of the main culprits for faulty AC include issues with the filters, lack of cleaning of the AC tools, and faulty cooling fans. If the filters are dirty, you will not be able to get cooling air in the camper. 


One of the best ways of fixing AC-related problems is cleaning the filters. This should be done frequently so they can last you a long time. However, if you cannot point out the issue to anything in particular, it is advisable to have the AC checked by a professional. 

Engine Performance Problems 

Anytime you are driving your Roadtrek Zion and notice some grinding noises, then there must be issues with the engine. You can also detect engine performance issues if you have pressed the accelerator severally before starting the vehicle.

The heat indicator level going beyond mid-level is also an indicator of engine issues. These issues tend to occur due to less maintenance. Some engine parts can also break when driving in rough terrain. 


For optimal engine maintenance, frequent and proper maintenance is vital. If you notice unusual sounds from the engine, ensure you have it checked by a professional as soon as possible. If not solved soon enough, the issue may escalate to a much worse problem. 

Lubrication Issues 

Lubrication issues may cause your camper not to run smoothly—and that is the last thing you need when out in the wild. There are different culprits to lubrication issues, with the common ones being using the wrong lubricant, over or under-lubrication, or using contaminated lubricant. 


Prevention will work best in this case. Always ensure that you use the right lubricant and in the right amount. Break oil, engine oil, and gear oil should be used accordingly. 


Usually, the charging and repair costs for your battery will vary depending on the servicing center rates. However, for the Roadtrek Zion, a 100AH 12V LiFePO4 deep cycle battery is suitable and often costs around $250- $559. 

Using excess lubricant is one of the causes. It tends to dry and clog the tools thus the machinery does not run properly. Also, using less amount of lubricant results in friction in the engine. The wrong or contaminated lubricants are also to blame for any lubrication problems. 


Roadtrek Zion is undeniably a great camper for the outdoors. It is not only easy to use, but also to maintain. however, some problems are, simply put, inevitable.

If you are planning on purchasing one, this article will come in handy as it gives insight into some of the problems with the Roadtrek Zion. With that in mind, you can always plan ahead to ensure hassle-free upcoming journeys. 

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