Beaver Motorhome Problems: We’ve Found 4 Reasons + Easy Solutions!

beaver motorhome problems

Last updated on July 25th, 2023 at 11:59 am

Many can agree that RVs are fun but having Beaver Motorhome Problems is NOT. Having a motorhome that you can count on, for you and your family for your outdoor adventures is pure bliss. However, taking care of them and making sure they are in perfect working order takes work. Otherwise, you will have to deal with problems and expensive repairs. 

Beaver motorhome is a great outdoor companion. However, there are some common problems related to this motorhome that you need to be aware of. It helps in planning ahead and taking any preventive measures if possible. These problems include tire blowouts, battery failure, water damage, and exterior damage. 

This article is a summary of the common problems you are likely to encounter with the Beaver motorhome and how to solve some of them. 

4 Beaver Motorhome Problems and Easy Solutions 

beaver motorhome problems

Beaver motorhome makes a great investment if you are looking for a high-quality and robust camper. It is built to withstand harsh weather synonymous with the outdoors. However, with improper maintenance and frequent use, some problems are likely to arise. The common ones are outlined below. 

Tire Blowout 

RVs are heavy, given all their features and furniture, and they have this incredible weight supported by the tires. With time, this weight takes a toll on the health of the tires, especially when you tend to drive on rough terrain.

If you do not take care of them, they can easily give in. And this often explains how most tire blowouts happen. Tire blowouts on a trailer or motorhome can be extremely dangerous. Since you have the entire top-heavy structure of the RV, a blowout can send the motorhome reeling off the road. 


This issue can be avoided by checking the tire pressure before the start of any journey. You can use a simple tire pressure gauge or for more convenience, install a tire pressure monitoring system. Also, ensure you always have a spare tire in tow. 

Battery Failure 

Losing power in the middle of a camping trip is easily one of the worst things that can happen. And often, there’s usually not much help you can find around. The RV will not be able to make you feel at home without a working battery. They are also expensive to replace so do not allow the battery to die prematurely.  


It is advisable to disconnect the battery cables whenever your RV is not in use. This goes a long way in conserving some energy. Moreover, you can have the battery connected to a tender during winter storage. This prevents it from losing charge so you can be sure it will be fresh and ready to use when you need it. 

Water Damage

Having too much condensation in your motorhome is another common problem. Since they are compact models, ventilation is not easy hence moisture easily gets trapped. In turn, too much moisture causes mold, mildew, and wood rot. Such issues adversely affect the structural integrity of the floorboards and walls and can cost a boatload of money to repair.


It would help if you learned how to combat the condensation issue. This can be achieved by simple habits such as keeping the fans on, opening windows, and not having wet clothes hanging around. A dehumidifier will also come in handy to filter excess moisture. 

Exterior Damage 

The beaver motorhome does not have a fragile exterior. But with frequent use, taking cross-country trips in the summer has a severe impact on the walls. Also, RVs come with a taller profile and hence easily catch hanging branches and flying debris. Besides that, when exposed to hail and extreme weather, the exterior walls wear out with time. 


A lot of damage can be avoided by covering the RV during the off-season. While driving, you can try slowing around corners and bumpy roads to avoid excess scraping from foreign objects. 


The best way is to keep a record of your RV’s maintenance schedule. Doing so will help you remember when and what was repaired last so you can easily keep track of when you can check the systems again. Typically, different systems require services at different times. Therefore, keeping a record will go a long way. With regular maintenance, you can keep your RV in good shape. 

RV tires and wheels are a common problematic area. It is important that you always carry with you spare tires and the prerequisite tools for changing the tire. Moreover, before you start any journey, inspect the suspension system and bearings for any signs of wear. 


Beaver motorhomes strive to have the highest quality and build. However, there are some problems that are inevitable, especially with frequent use on rough terrain. Hopefully, this article gives you an upper hand so you can plan ahead and enjoy hassle-free journeys. 

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