9 Alliance RV Problems and Definitive Solutions

Alliance RV Problems

Last updated on September 10th, 2023 at 11:03 pm

There are minimal Alliance RV Problems for this highly respected manufacturer renowned for its innovative and superior recreational vehicles.

Despite their commitment to excellence, it’s essential to remain aware of potential issues that might crop up. In this blog post, we’ll delve into common hurdles often reported by Alliance RV owners and provide practical solutions and fixes to help you optimize and fully enjoy your RV.

This article attempts to give solutions to Alliance RV Problems and assist each of these issues so you can know what to do when you encounter them.

Alliance RVs are among the most common RVs that many outdoor enthusiasts gravitate towards. They are well known and liked for their broad interior and luxury designs. However, they are equally as flawed as any other product would be. Some minor issues are associated with this trailer that you should know about. 

Some people choose to ignore some of the issues, while others opt to repair them. Don’t worry, you can have them fixed with minimal repair costs.

These issues include the separation of the awning seals, poor working of ovens, low-quality wood drawers, and disconnected wires of slide outs. Moreover, you are likely to encounter some issues due to broken refrigerator locks, faulty recliners, moldy walls, and faulty remotes of fireplaces. 

Alliance RV Problems With Solutions

Alliance RV Problems

Alliance RV: Common Problems and Solutions

  1. Water Ingress and Leakages: Problem: Water ingress and leaks can occur in Alliance RV models, leading to potential interior damage and inconvenience.


  • Regularly inspect the RV’s seals, including windows, doors, and roof vents, for signs of wear or damage.
  • Clean and maintain the seals using recommended sealants or silicone-based products.
  • Apply an additional layer of sealant as a preventive measure in areas prone to water ingress.
  • If leaks persist, consult with an authorized Alliance RV service center to identify and resolve the underlying cause.
  1. Electrical System Malfunctions: Problem: Some Alliance RV owners have experienced electrical system malfunctions, such as faulty wiring, lighting issues, or problems with battery charging.


  • Regularly check the RV’s electrical connections, including battery terminals and fuse boxes, for tightness and corrosion.
  • Inspect the fuse box for any blown fuses and replace them as needed.
  • Test and ensure proper functioning of lights, appliances, and electrical outlets.
  • If electrical issues persist, consult with a professional electrician or an authorized Alliance RV service center for further diagnosis and repair.
  1. Suspension and Chassis Concerns: Problem: Certain Alliance RV owners have reported issues with the suspension system and chassis, such as excessive bouncing, instability, or uneven tire wear.


  • Regularly inspect the RV’s suspension components, such as shocks, springs, and axles, for signs of wear or damage.
  • Maintain proper tire inflation and check for any signs of uneven tire wear.
  • Consult with a suspension specialist to evaluate and adjust the suspension system for improved stability and ride comfort.
  • If issues persist, seek assistance from an authorized Alliance RV service center or a qualified automotive specialist.
  1. Build Quality Issues: Problem: Occasionally, Alliance RV owners have reported minor build quality issues, such as loose fittings, cosmetic defects, or concerns with cabinetry.


  • Thoroughly inspect your Alliance RV during delivery to identify any visible issues or defects.
  • Promptly communicate any concerns to the manufacturer or authorized Alliance RV service center to have them resolved under warranty.
  • Regularly tighten fittings and hardware to prevent loosening.
  • Maintain proper cleaning and care of the interior and exterior to preserve the RV’s appearance and prevent cosmetic issues.

Final Thoughts

So now we know this Rec Vehicle offers a range of well-designed and reliable recreational vehicles, but it’s important to be aware of potential problems that may arise. By implementing the suggested solutions and fixes discussed in for these Alliance RV Problems, you can minimize potential issues and ensure the longevity and enjoyment of your Alliance RV.

Other Reasons you may experience issues with the Alliance RV

RVs are a costly investment, and the last thing you need is to spend more money on repair work. This underscores the importance of buying the right RV for your needs. One way to ensure that is by checking the online reviews and positive and negative feedback of previous customers before making a purchase.

Doing so will save you a great deal of money and time. You also get a rough idea of the durability and reliability of the product you intend to purchase. 

If you are in the market for the Alliance RV, here are some of the issues that you might encounter during your time and stay in the RV. 

Separation of Awning Seal

The seals on the RV serve to connect the awning fabric keeping them in place. For the electric awnings, as is the case with the Alliance RV, the seal is welded onto the fabric. Many customers have raised concerns about the seam stripping on the fabric and starting to separate. The fabric is also separated and tends to sag on the rear end. 

Typically, with time, the welding on the seams starts to lose strength. Also, water exposure and dust accumulation damage the welding of joining ends. 


You can first clean the awning seal to clear the dust accumulation and prevent it from rusting. You can also reweld the joining points in a bid to assemble the fabric.  

Issues With Cables of Slide-Outs

Sometimes the slide outs may stop working and cause issues when it comes to opening and closing them. Slide-outs are often electrical components that are operated by a motor. The motor works to send power through various wires whenever you want to open or close them. If this does not happen any time you press the switch, you may be dealing with a poor power supply or disconnected wires. 

The wires can get disconnected due to jammed components or frequent operation. Driving on bumpy roads can also cause this problem. 


It is best to check the wirings when you cannot operate them with a switch. Also, rejoin cables that are not properly connected and secure them in their place. 

Oven Not Working

Propane gas is what RVers use to operate most of the electric accessories such as the oven. A major issue encountered with this is the oven suddenly turning off. This often happens approximately 5 to 10 minutes after placing food on them. The main culprit is the propane tanks and their supply lines.

Decreased levels in the propane tank produce inadequate heat that shuts them off. Also, propane supply valves tend to become faulty and thus do not ensure enough supply. 


Sometimes, the valves get stuck at the close position and hinder the propane supply. If closed, this can be fixed by opening the supply valves and replacing the faulty ones. Also, always check the gas levels in the tank. 

Drawer Problem 

The drawers on the RV are constructed using low-quality wood. Due to their poor adjustment, you will notice some noise from the drawers when driving. Also, the bottom part sags when heavy accessories are added. 


For one, you can add a plywood piece to support the lower bottom end of the drawer. Also, install a new rail mechanism to enhance smooth movement.

Broken Refrigerator Lock

The refrigerator doors on these RVs cannot be properly closed because of broken locks. This causes loss of cooling to the outside and spoilage of food. These locks tend to break due to improper handling, using low-quality material, and poor installation. Also, you can encounter this issue if you use the wrong key to open the refrigerator locks.

The frequent opening and closing of the fridge cause them to break. Temperature also contributes to the malfunctioning of the weathering strips. 


You can prevent this problem by regular cleaning. Also, ensure that you open and close them carefully so the strips do not come off easily. 

Alliance paradigm rv problems

We purchased a brand-new Alliance Paradigm RV just two months ago, and unfortunately, we’ve encountered nothing but issues since then. From a gray tank that wouldn’t drain to a faulty gray tank sensor, and even hinges under the mattress giving way and plywood shifting off, it seems like the problems keep piling up. We’ve noticed staples popping out of the walls and trim over the bed coming loose, among other things. It’s disheartening because we had high hopes for this purchase—a fifth wheel to enjoy our retirement and travel comfortably. However, it feels as if we’ve ended up with a used camper instead. We’ve invested so much into this, only to constantly face problems. It’s hard to shake the feeling that we’ve ended up with a lemon.



Yes, the Alliance RV features an electric fireplace that allows occupants to gather around during the cold winter days. They promote making the interior cozier and you can also cook on these. They are also conveniently remote-controlled.