BODEGAcooler Detachable Battery for 12v Portable Fridge




Product Details: detachable battery capacity is 15600mAh/173Wh.Operating temperature range:-4℉ to 168℉.

Applicable Models:  Bodega TWW series Model and other 12V Portable Refrigerators with Removable Battery. 

Multiple Charging Way: This battery can be charged it in the portable fridge (DC 12/24V and AC 100-240V) or solar panel (12-50V). Also, it can be charged by the dedicated battery charger and the charging station. (need to purchase separately)

Instruction for Solar Charging: Install the battery to the refrigerator, and insert the solar charge cable into the refrigerator’s ”SOLAR” terminal. MAX Solar Input Voltage: 50V, MAX Solar Input Current:10A. The charging input power should be higher than the working power of the refrigerator (about 40-50w), or turn off the refrigerator to enter the standby state, otherwise the battery will not be able to charge. It’s recommended to use 100W solar panel.

Discharge Time(ECO and L Mode): refrigeration about 10 hrs, freezing about 5 hrs.The specific use time depends on the set temperature and mode.

Easy Swicth: Long press the power button to turn on/off the battery. The power indicator will turn green when it is charging.

Improved Design: Extrusion buckle design made simplified installation and disassembly. Real-time battery power and the battery voltage will be displayed on the control panel.


Download: Detachable Battery User Manual

Capacity: 15600mAh/173Wh

Rated Voltage: 11.1V
Charging Limited Voltage(DC): 12.6V
Charging Limited Current(DC): 3A
Working Time: 4~10 hours
Net Weight: 1.13 kg
Battery charger (not include) can charge the battery independently.


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