BODEGAcooler 12Volt Refrigerator TWW55 59Qt/55L Dual Zone

Original price was: $549.99.Current price is: $439.99.

  • Real dual zone design, Independent control panel
  • Two side opening doors design, retractable handle
  • Max & Eco mode, -4ºF~68ºF 15 Min fast cooling
  • Low noise & energy cost, 3 level battery protection
  • Free shipping+ 30 days Return
  • 2-year warranty on compressor&other parts


BODEGA cooler 59qt car refrigerator is equipped with two zone. Dual storage areas can reduce odor. Portable refrigerator freezer allows you to store a variety of foods while keeping fresh. This powerful RV fridge can hold 82can cola, or 43 bottles water or 12 bottles red wine, which fully meets RV1 / truck drivers, boat owners and campers to store seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages, travel, boating, and camping needs, so you don’t have to rely on ice coolers or frequent trips to the grocery store.

Key Features:

  • APP Control: Convenience of APP control (For Android/IOS), also can manual control
  • Dual Zone Cooling: Dual zone temp independent control
  • Detachable Battery (Optional): Powerd by Detachable battery (optional) lasts for 8-10 hours in outdoo
  • Easy to Move: Retractable handle and off-road wheels make it easy to take this car fridge anywhere.
  • 15 Min Fast Cooling: From 68°F (20°C) to 32°F (0°C) just in 15 minuntes (left zone) on Max Mode.

Protect Your Battery: car fridge 3 stage battery protection setting (H, M, L) to protect your vehicle battery without run down.

Energy Saving: With ECO energy saving mode, the 59qt car fridge’s consumes less than 45W of power, even when running on MAX mode, its intelligent cycle work ensures consumption remains well below 1kWh per day.

Learn more: How to Set Portable Refrigerator Battery Protection’s Mode?

How To Power This Car Refrigerator?


Operation: 100-240V / 12V / 24V
Dimension: 23.62 x 15.75 x 22.44 inches
Fridge Capacity: 59 Quart (55L)
Left Zone / Right Zone: 40.42 Quart / 18.08 Quart
Item Weight: 49.6 pounds
Refrigeration Range: -4ºF~68ºF
Noise Level: <42dB
Wattage: MAX MODE 60W & ECO MODE 45W
Rated Current: AC 1.5A-2.7A , DC 6.0A(12V) / 3.0A (24V)
Door removable or switch direction: Yes
Solar Interface: external diameter: 5.5MM, internal diameter: 2.1MM


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