Can You Put Pillows in Vacuum Bags? Let’s Figure Out

can you put pillows in vacuum bags

Last updated on April 12th, 2023 at 02:24 pm

Vacuum packaging can be defined as a modified form of atmosphere packing. In this type of packaging/storage, all atmospheric oxygen is removed. It has been adopted worldwide for consumable and non-consumable products alike. 

It is possible to put pillows in vacuum bags as well. Vacuum storage bags are ideal in that they save more space. They are also safe to use when well-vacuumed at stored at stable temperatures. However, when it comes to pillows and other linens, vacuum packing them may result in deep creases and wrinkles that may not come off easily. 

This article explains more about vacuum storage and how best you can store your pillows and linens for future use. 

Can You Put Pillows in Vacuum Bags?

can you put pillows in vacuum bags

At some point, you may need to change your pillows or store the extra bedroom linens for guests. It is important to know how to properly care for and store them for future use. You, therefore, need to adopt a smart storage system. Vacuum storing is often one of the smart methods. 

Generally, vacuum bags are fully sealed and often made of plastic. Therefore, fresh air cannot circulate around the item in question. This suffocates the fabric, damaging the delicate material fibers, and creating unnecessary creases.

What Are the Tips for Storing Pillows?

Besides vacuum storage which may have irreversible effects, there are other tips that you can adopt when it comes to storing pillows. 

Choose a Proper Container

It is much easier for those who have a spacious linen closet. However, if you do not have one, you can always devise a system that effectively protects them.

In this case, you can use storage benches, labeled boxes, plastic storage bins, and baskets. Baskets tend to be more attractive and can be used as additional home décor while at it. The large plastic containers do a great job of protecting the linen and pillows from being damaged or crushed. 

Do Not Force Pillows to Fit Into a Container.

Any time you attempt forcing your favorite pillow into a smaller-sized container, it will always come out wrinkled. For pillows with zippers, you can opt for unzipping it and removing the insert. The cover can be stored separately to avoid creases. 

Do Not Seal Linens in Plastic Bags

Putting pillows and linens in sealed bags is risky because condensation will be a problem. If you intend to use plastic bags, you can have small holes to aid in air circulation. 

Do Not Store Linens in Warm and Moist Places

Ideal conditions for storing your pillows are cool and dry with stable temperature. The pillows should not be stored in attics, damp basements, garages, or any other place without a stable temperature. If this is not adhered to during storage, you may have to deal with mold, mildew, and infestations from common household pests.

Do Not Leave Pillows and Linens Uncovered

Using unsealed containers exposes the pillows to dust. This also exposes them to get wet or damaged by other means altogether. They could be an inviting bed for your furry friend as well and end up with pet air. 

Keep Your Storage Pest-Free

Common household pests such as beetles, moths, and silverfish can find their way into almost anything. There are different methods you can adopt to keep these pests from making their way into storage spaces and drawers. 

Do Not Put Delicate Linens on Rough Surfaces

Placing linens and pillow covers on an unfinished wood shelf or rough basket can easily result in tears or snags. You can line the shelves or baskets with shelf papers to prevent this from happening. 


Storing bulky winter bedding is not difficult. Anytime you buy new bedding, it often comes with a reusable zip bag. You can use this to store the off-season duvet. This bag can be placed wherever you like, be it in your wardrobe, under the bed, or in other areas provided the temperature remains stable. 

To get started, the basic items for vacuum packaging operations are a vacuum sealer and bags. For more complex packaging, you may need additional items such as an external air compressor and inert gas. 

Vacuum packaging is used in so many products nowadays. It comes with several benefits such as increased shelf life, it forms a barrier from external elements, it is quick and efficiency, and there is reduced product loss. 


During the change of seasons, you may have to put away some of your bedding and pillows from the last season. Proper care and storage are vital to ensure that they remain in good condition. Often, these take up a lot of space. Vacuum storage is therefore recommended, as long as it is done properly and under ideal conditions.

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