Travato 59kl Problems – Reasons and Solution To Fix

travato 59KL problems

Last updated on April 12th, 2023 at 03:26 pm

The Winnebago Travato 59KL RV makes a great purchase. It is relatively smaller than other RVs but comes with many advantages and features. Many previous owners praise it for how it fits perfectly for the purpose and outdoor life. 

Still, there are a few common problems that you are likely to encounter in your life outdoors with the RV. These problems include but are not limited to engine kill for the telescoping wheel, seals coming off, slide-out issues, AC problems, narrow space, and problems driving on snow-covered roads. 

This article outlines the most common problems that you are likely to encounter with the Travato 59KL and their solutions. 

Common Travato 59KL Problems and Solutions

travato 59KL problems

The Travato 59KL is regarded as one of the top-class RVs with a V6 engine. It is therefore a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts to give the best RV-ing life. However, there are some common problems that are a matter of concern and you need to be aware of. 

Engine Kill for Telescope Wheel

One of the major issues related to the Travato 59KL is the telescoping wheel. It can simply be explained as when you start your RV, you cannot use the telescoping wheel. Doing so turns off the engine, and the next time you attempt to start the RV it will not start. To start the engine again, you will have to push the telescoping wheel in. Complicated, isn’t it?


The solution to this annoying and time-consuming problem is to contact the dealer or seller for a suggestion or recommendation. They are sure to give you the best solution. If that does not go well, you can seek the services of a reliable repair company to take care of the issue. 

Cooling Issue With Roof Air

The roof air cooling issues include not cooling at all, or cooling very little. These are the common tell-tale signs that indicate the issue. Common complaints revolve around the AC not functioning optimally. This can be caused by improper fan operation or obstruction by dirt, debris, or insects. 


If you are dealing with a defective AC, then you may have to replace it. 

Rear Door Closing Issue

This RV has a major problem when you are out camping. Any time you try connecting the city water and cable when camping on the grid, the doors don’t close. Simply put, it is impossible to use the power and keep the doors closed at the same time. This limits the areas you can camp in. 


As a fix for the cable issue, you are required to line up the cable outlet with OEM 120v and cable out outlets. This will allow you to use the power with the doors closed. 

To fix the water issue, a pex hose that fits through the space between the right edge of the passenger side rear door will come in handy. Then, move the ¾ supply-to-RV pex system connection from an existing city fill inlet to a point outside the RV.

Slide-Out Issues

Sometimes even though the slide moves, it is not as smoothly as it should. Additionally, it could stop working or moving altogether. If the slide-out is malfunctioning, it could make your trip rigid. The cause for this is an electrical issue or a foreign object that stops the slide from working. 


Proper lubrication ensures that the slide moves in and out smoothly. Any electrical or motor problem should be fixed professionally. If there are any leaks or foreign objects blocking the path of the slides, you can repair the leak or remove the object. 

Seals Peeling Back or Coming Off

Seal damage is common among many RVs. With time, the seals around the security locker start to peel back—it often peels in a backward manner. Also, the seals on the windows and doors also tend to come out leaving room for rainwater to seep in. This could lead to further internal damage. 


One solution is to apply glue around the security locker as it helps to reduce the peeling. In your windows or doors, if the shape of the seal is changed or peeled, you can fix it by applying heat.

Heat makes the seals softer so you can easily reposition them. However, a better and more permanent solution would be to remove the old damaged seal and replace it with a new one. 

Problems With Driving on Snow-Covered Roads

Travato 59KL RV could do better with the lighting—it is not very bright. Therefore, it is not easy to drive in snowfall or foggy weather. The braking system is also not very reliable on iced roads—it tends to fail when the road is slippery.

Moreover, Travato 59KL RV is known to have a much larger blindspot compared to other RVs. The vision is easily compromised. 


It is advisable to install better brakes for the RV which are compatible to snow-covered roads. Attaching wheels to the wheels of the vehicle go a long way in giving it a better grip on iced roads. 


It always starts with the grounding of a battery. A fault or poor connection always increased the resistance and heat, leading to a loss of voltage. They also occur due to power system overload, loose wires, and dying batteries. 

The average cost will depend on the parts and labor costs. For instance, it will cost around $1600 for labor and maintenance, rebuilding the carb, cleaning the slip rings, and replacing the brushes. 

The only expense for replacing the slide-out seal is the price of the new seal. As for the labor, you can do it yourself. 


Some of the issues of the Travato 59KL can be easily fixed. However, it will take proper and frequent maintenance to prevent some of them. Hopefully, this article is helpful to any new potential owners of this great RV. 

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