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campervan driving through the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee

Last updated on November 25th, 2023 at 04:14 am

Knoxville, Tennessee, is known for its rich history, outdoor adventures, and vibrant arts scene. It’s a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains and offers a mix of urban and natural attractions.

Top 6 Local Things to Do

  1. Visit the Sunsphere: Iconic tower offering panoramic views.
  2. Explore the Knoxville Museum of Art: A hub for contemporary art.
  3. Stroll through Market Square: Shopping and dining hotspot.
  4. Hike in Ijams Nature Center: A natural oasis with trails.
  5. Tour the Historic Homes: Step back in time with well-preserved architecture.
  6. Attend a Festival: Knoxville hosts various cultural and music festivals year-round.
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Why Knoxville is Great for RV Camping

Knoxville’s proximity to the Smoky Mountains and numerous lakes makes it an ideal spot for RV camping. The city’s blend of urban amenities and natural beauty offers a unique camping experience.

picturesque RV park in Knoxville
picturesque RV park in Knoxville

Popular Nearby Cities

  • Maryville: Charming and close to the mountains.
  • Oak Ridge: Known for its scientific heritage.
  • Pigeon Forge: A gateway to mountain adventures and entertainment.

RV Parks and Stays

  • Best RV Park: The Pines RV Park, known for its scenic beauty and facilities.
  • Budget Options: Raccoon Valley RV Park and Southlake RV Park, both offering great amenities at affordable prices.

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