RV Rental Pekin IL: Your Guide to the Best RV Options in Pekin, IL

RV Rental Pekin IL

Looking for the perfect RV rental in Pekin, IL? Look no further! I’m here to help you navigate the wide range of options available and find the RV that best suits your needs. From motorhomes to campervans, there’s something for everyone in Pekin.

With prices ranging from $81.00 to $209.00 per night on average, you can find an RV that fits your budget. Search by location, filter results based on vehicle type and amenities, and even message the owner for more information. Getting ready for your unforgettable road trip in Pekin, IL has never been easier!

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore Pekin RV Rentals and find the perfect RV for your adventure
  • Choose from a variety of vehicle types, including motorhomes and campervans
  • Prices range from $81.00 to $209.00 per night on average
  • Search by location, filter results, and message owners for more information
  • Start preparing for your unforgettable road trip in Pekin, IL today!

Discover the Best Outdoor Destinations near Pekin, IL

When visiting Pekin, IL, outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted to discover a plethora of incredible destinations right on the doorstep. Whether you’re a hiker or camper, there are plenty of options to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Explore Scenic Hiking Trails

If you enjoy exploring nature on foot, Pekin and its surrounding areas offer an array of picturesque hiking trails. One must-visit destination is the stunning Banff National Park, known for its breathtaking mountain views and diverse wildlife. Additionally, Elk Island National Park and Jasper National Park offer captivating trails amidst stunning landscapes.

For those seeking a unique experience, Tombstone Territorial Park and Riding Mountain National Park provide a perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquility. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner, these trails cater to all skill levels, offering a memorable adventure for everyone.

Unwind at Beautiful Campgrounds

If camping is more your style, you won’t be disappointed with the campgrounds near Pekin, IL. Starved Rock State Park is a popular choice, known for its breathtaking canyons and waterfalls. Kickapoo State Park offers a peaceful retreat, with opportunities for fishing, boating, and hiking.

Mississippi Palisades State Park is another gem, featuring stunning limestone cliffs and scenic overlooks of the Mississippi River. Pere Marquette State Park is perfect for nature lovers, boasting beautiful forests and picturesque river views. Finally, Maquoketa Caves State Park offers a unique camping experience with its network of fascinating caves to explore.

Table: Outdoor Destinations near Pekin, IL

Banff National ParkBreathtaking mountain views and diverse wildlife
Elk Island National ParkSpectacular trails amidst stunning landscapes
Jasper National ParkScenic beauty and opportunities for exploration
Tombstone Territorial ParkNatural beauty and tranquility
Riding Mountain National ParkImmersive nature experience
Starved Rock State ParkBreathtaking canyons and waterfalls
Kickapoo State ParkFishing, boating, and hiking
Mississippi Palisades State ParkLimestone cliffs and scenic river views
Pere Marquette State ParkForests and picturesque river views
Maquoketa Caves State ParkFascinating caves to explore

With so many incredible outdoor destinations near Pekin, IL, there’s no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Whether you’re embarking on a challenging hike or enjoying a serene camping experience, the surrounding areas offer something for everyone. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready to explore the natural wonders just a stone’s throw away from Pekin, IL.

Explore the Charm of Pekin, IL and Its Surrounding Cities

Pekin, IL is a historic city located on the Illinois River, known as the “City of Presidents” due to its connection to six U.S. presidents. Visitors can explore the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, where Abraham Lincoln lived, the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, commemorating America’s 31st president, and the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site. Nearby cities such as Peoria, Springfield, and Bloomington offer additional attractions and RV parks for travelers to enjoy.

When visiting Pekin, IL, make sure to discover the rich history and cultural heritage of the city. Explore the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, a beautifully preserved home where Abraham Lincoln resided with his family during his time in Springfield. Immerse yourself in the life and times of our 16th president as you walk through the rooms and learn about his significant contributions to the nation.

Another must-visit historic site in Pekin, IL is the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. This site commemorates the life and presidency of Herbert Hoover, America’s 31st president. Explore the historic buildings, including Hoover’s birthplace cottage and the blacksmith shop, and gain insights into Hoover’s career and the challenges he faced during his time in office.

For history enthusiasts, the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site is a great destination to learn about the life and legacy of the 18th president of the United States. Visit Grant’s historic home and enjoy guided tours that shed light on his accomplishments as a military leader and as president. Explore the exhibits that showcase artifacts and personal memorabilia from Grant’s life.

Nearby Cities and Additional Attractions

While exploring Pekin, IL, take the opportunity to visit the nearby cities of Peoria, Springfield, and Bloomington. These cities offer a wealth of attractions and RV parks for travelers to enjoy.

  • Peoria: Known as the “River City,” Peoria offers a vibrant riverfront district with restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. Visit the Peoria Riverfront Museum, explore the Caterpillar Visitors Center, or catch a show at the Peoria Civic Center.
  • Springfield: As the capital of Illinois, Springfield is steeped in history with attractions such as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Old State Capitol, and the Dana-Thomas House. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the famous Lincoln’s Tomb.
  • Bloomington: Home to Illinois State University, Bloomington offers a mix of cultural and recreational activities. Explore the Miller Park Zoo, visit the David Davis Mansion State Historic Site, or enjoy outdoor activities at the Constitution Trail.

With its rich history, charming attractions, and nearby cities to explore, Pekin, IL is a destination that offers something for every traveler. Whether you’re interested in presidential history, cultural sites, or vibrant city experiences, Pekin and its surrounding cities will provide a memorable RV adventure.

Pekin IL Attractions

RV Parks and Campgrounds Near Pekin, IL

In the vicinity of Pekin, IL, RV enthusiasts will find a variety of RV parks and campgrounds that cater to their needs. Whether you’re looking for a cozy campsite surrounded by nature or a park with convenient amenities, there are options to suit every preference. Here are some popular choices:

RV Parks near Pekin, IL

RV ParkLocationAmenitiesPrice
Par-A-Dice Casino RV ParkEast Peoria, ILFull hookups, casino, dining options$49-$65 per night
Carl Spindler Campground & MarinaPekin, ILLakefront sites, boat rentals, fishing$20-$25 per night
Spring Lake State Fish & Wildlife AreaManito, ILPrimitive camping, fishing, hiking trails$10 per night

Campgrounds near Pekin, IL

Starved Rock State ParkOglesby, ILHiking trails, waterfalls, scenic views$25-$35 per night
Kickapoo State ParkOakwood, ILCanoeing, fishing, equestrian trails$10 per night
Mississippi Palisades State ParkSavanna, ILBluffs, hiking trails, camping$20 per night

These parks and campgrounds offer a range of amenities and activities for RVers and campers alike. From full hookups and scenic views to hiking trails and fishing opportunities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Prices may vary depending on the season and availability, so it’s always a good idea to check for reservations and any additional fees.

For RVers in need of dump stations, there are convenient options available in Pekin

such as the Carl Spindler Marina and Kamp Komfort RV Park. These locations provide essential services for emptying waste tanks, ensuring a hassle-free RVing experience.

RV Parks Near Pekin IL

“Camping is a chance to live simply and appreciate nature’s beauty. It’s a reminder that there’s more to life than material possessions.” – Unknown


In summary, Pekin, IL is the ideal destination for your RV vacation. With a wide range of RV rentals available, you can choose the perfect vehicle for your needs. Whether you prefer a motorhome, travel trailer, campervan, popup trailer, or fifth wheel, there are options to suit every traveler.

During your stay in Pekin, IL, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful outdoor destinations nearby. From stunning hiking trails in national parks to picturesque campgrounds, nature enthusiasts will be in their element.

In addition to its natural beauty, Pekin and its surrounding cities offer a rich history to discover. Explore the historic sites and attractions, including the homes of past presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and Herbert Hoover. Make sure to include nearby cities like Peoria, Springfield, and Bloomington in your itinerary for even more cultural experiences.

Finally, with a variety of RV parks and campgrounds available, finding a place to park your rental will be a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of amenities like dump stations and easy access to local attractions.

So, if you’re looking for a memorable RV vacation, Pekin, IL is the perfect choice. Book your motorhome rental today and embark on an adventure filled with nature, history, and relaxation.


What types of RVs are available for rental in Pekin, IL?

In Pekin, IL, you can find a variety of RV options, including motorhomes, travel trailers, campervans, popup trailers, and fifth wheels.

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Pekin, IL?

On average, prices for RV rentals in Pekin, IL range from $81.00 to $209.00 per night.

How can I search for RV rentals in Pekin, IL?

You can search for RV rentals in Pekin, IL by location and filter the search results based on vehicle type and amenities. You can also message the owner for more information and request a booking.

What are some popular outdoor destinations near Pekin, IL?

Some popular outdoor destinations near Pekin, IL include Banff National Park, Elk Island National Park, Jasper National Park, Tombstone Territorial Park, and Riding Mountain National Park.

Are there any RV parks and campgrounds near Pekin, IL?

Yes, there are several RV parks and campgrounds near Pekin, IL, including Starved Rock State Park, Kickapoo State Park, Mississippi Palisades State Park, Pere Marquette State Park, Maquoketa Caves State Park, and Bellevue State Park.

What historic sites can I explore in Pekin, IL?

In Pekin, IL, you can explore historic sites such as the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, and the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.

Where can I find RV dump stations near Pekin, IL?

There are RV dump stations available in Pekin, IL, such as Carl Spindler Marina and Kamp Komfort RV Park.

Is Pekin, IL a good destination for an RV road trip?

Yes, Pekin, IL is a great destination for an RV road trip, offering a wide range of RV rental options, outdoor destinations, historic sites, and RV parks in the area.

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