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cedar creek cottages problems

Last updated on April 14th, 2023 at 03:54 pm

If you are out in the market for an RV, one of the most preferred choices is the Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage. However, if you are already considering it, it would be best to be aware of several issues with it. 

These issues include smelly heater water, a broken slide arm, a faulty furnace fan, and the location of the dining table. They are a concern among previous owners but have simple solutions to them. Some of these issues require making necessary replacements to solve them.

This article brings to your attention some of the issues you are likely to face with the Cedar Creek cottage RV as well as their solutions. Read on. 

Common Cedar Creek Cottages Problems and Possible Solutions

cedar creek cottages problems

The Cedar Creek Cottage RV is a fantastic choice for several reasons. It has a robust build with the exterior being made of high-quality aluminum material to withstand the weather. However, it is better to know about some of the common problems if you intend to purchase this trailer. Outlined below are the most prevalent issues with the Cedar Creek cottages. 

Smelly Heater Water

An electric water heater is a necessity in an RV for cold weather. However, if you are dealing with water with a bad odor, it becomes impossible to use, let alone drink it. The water heater smell is often due to anaerobic bacteria.

The anode rod inside the water heater tank is usually made of magnesium. Therefore, when the component reacts with the anode rod, bacteria are produced. Also, the anode rod is often mounted on the top portion of the heater. Thus, the hot water being discharged will always come into contact with the rod which explains the smelly heater water. 


To eliminate the unbearable rotten eggs smell, you can start by cleaning the water heater. Alternatively, replace the anode rod. A temporary fix that you can also go for is filling the tank with vinegar.

Firstly, drain all the water from the tank, and then fill it with a mixture of vinegar and water. Then, drain the water from all sources. The best way to handle the situation is to replace the anode as it fixes the issue immediately. The rods are available for purchase online, and fixing them is an easy DIY task. 

Broken slide arm 

The slide on this RV can easily get stuck, bent, or broken. When you slide it out, it might get stuck and refuse to get back in. This often happens when the arms are bent or broken as a result of heavy pressure. 


If only bent slightly, you can try fixing these arms. Ensure you unload all heavy objects from the slider first and attempt to fix the bend. You can also opt for professional help. If they are broken, you will have to replace them. Depending on the damage done, replacing the arms can cost you from $100 to $500. 

Faulty Furnace Fan

When temperatures outside are cold, the furnace is tasked with keeping the RV warm. However, this furnace will not operate if the fan stops working. A flashing indicator is normally a sign that something is wrong.

But still, it may not light up to bring to your attention any issue. Also, it is possible that the fan works well but the RV does not heat up. Moreover, the fan could be spinning slowly limiting airflow through the vents that offer a ventilation route. 


The first thing to do is to check the fuel if you notice no heat but the fans are operating. Moreover, ensure that the battery has adequate juice. It could be that the air intake is clogged. Therefore, check and remove any leaves or clogs causing the issue. If you notice a noise while the fans are spinning, it could be that the blades are in touch with the cover. 

Dining Table Is Too Close to the Window.

Well, this is a minor design flaw that is not ideal for many. The dining table is placed such that it is almost touching the sides of the RV. This makes it difficult to pull down the window shades to the edge. Thus, there will be a wide gap that remains at the bottom of the window.

Sitting on the chairs is also difficult. Often, you will be forced to move the recliner to create space for sitting. 


You can go for one of two solutions to this issue. For one, you could get a table with a smaller footprint than the older one. Then, unscrew the original table and replace it with the smaller one.

Alternatively, you can uproot the table and place it as you wish. Ensure you leave adequate space from the window side while at it. If you have no use for the table, it is okay to get rid of it as well. 


Other minor issues that users have complained about include poor installation of the stove, scuff marks on the countertops, cracks in the bathroom sink, chipping of the shower wall, and broken TV cable. 

Often, the sinks in trailers are often made of low-quality stainless steel material and then covered with plastic film to give them a shiny finish. This material is the go-to to reduce weight but is known to crack easily. With time, the shiny coats disappear and then you can easily see the cracks. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the Forest River Cedar Creek cottages are a great choice. It is well-built and guarantees safety and fun when outdoors. However, negative reviews arose on different forums due to the issues that occur with time. Forest River has taken its customers’ feedback and has since tried to improve its product. 

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