BODEGAcooler Portable Freezer 48qt/45L Dual Zone TWW45

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  • Real dual zone design, Independent control panel
  • Two side opening doors design, retractable handle
  • Max & Eco mode, -4ºF~68ºF fast cooling
  • Low noise & energy cost, 3 level battery protection
  • Free shipping+ 30 days Return
  • 2-year warranty on compressor&other parts


So spring is here, are you planning on a road trip?  You may have packed your bag and made up your routine, but you still miss one more thing, a Portable Car Fridge. With 48quart large storage room, this fridge has plenty of space to store your food and drink supply. The Max mode can fast cool down to 0°F in 15 minutes, while the Eco mode provides high-efficiency, constant cooling for long trips.


  • APP Control: Convenience of APP-wifi control (For Android/IOS), also can manual control
  • Dual Zone Cooling: Dual zone temp independent control
  • Detachable Battery (Optional): Detachable battery (optional) lasts for 8-10 hours in outdoor
  • Easy to Carry: Retractable handle and off-road wheels make it easy to take this car fridge anywhere.

15 Min Fast Cooling: From 68°F (20°C) to 32°F (0°C) just in 15 minuntes (left zone)

Protect Your Battery: 3 stage battery protection setting (H, M, L) to protect your vehicle battery without run down

Learn more: How to Set Portable Refrigerator Battery Protection’s Mode?

How To Power This Car Refrigerator?


Download: TWW45 User Manual

Operation: 100-240V / 12V / 24V
Dimension: 23.62×15.75×19.88 inches
Fridge Capacity: 48 Quart(45L)
Left Zone / Right Zone: 34.4 Quart / 13.82 Quart
Item Weight: 43.7 pounds
Refrigeration Range: -4ºF~68ºF
Noise Level: <42dB
Wattage: MAX MODE 60W & ECO MODE 45W
Rated Current: AC 1.5A-2.7A , DC 6.0A(12V) / 3.0A (24V)
Door removable or switch direction: Yes
Solar Interface: external diameter: 5.5MM, internal diameter: 2.1MM


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