Best Solar Heater for Camping: 8 Sun Fuelled Options

Best Solar Heater for Camping

Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 09:45 am

The best solar heater for camping makes it easy to get hot drinks in no-burn zones that aren’t connected to the grid. In fact, some of the finest solar powered heaters for campers can get hot enough to allow cooking. 

Because they are cordless, solar water heaters go with you wherever you choose in the great outdoors. Plus, most of them are compact and light enough to fit in a backpack. 

Editor’s Solar Camping Heater Picks

We’ve scoured the market for the best solar powered heater for camping in 2023. Here are reviews of our top picks and a buying guide on what to consider when buying one.

Best Solar Heater for Camping Reviews

Grecell 519Wh Outdoor Solar Generator

The Grecell solar generator may interest you if you already have a corded heater and are looking for a portable power source to accompany it. This is one of Amazon’s top-rated camping solar panel and battery kits- and for a good reason. 

The included backup battery has 500 watts of continuous power that peaks at 1000 watts. Suitable for outdoor and home use, this battery has 10 output ports for various appliances, including cameras, drones, cell phones, and even a low-wattage heated blanket.

The power backup battery has a smart LED display that keeps you posted on the remaining capacity, power output, and the time left before full recharge. It weighs around 14 lbs and has a folding handle for easy portability. 

The solar panel is made of monocrystalline silicon cells with an efficiency of 23.5% and a maximum wattage of 100w. The solar is designed with ease of use in mind. In addition to its foldable design, it has rubber handles and two adjustable kickstands to make positioning easy. Plus, it has 4 hanging holes for easy hanging on your RV, tree, or walls. 

Looking for a solar water bag for camping

The Solar Heating Shower Bag is a great-value gift that offers efficient, simple, and practical heating with an appearance designed for a better watering effect. It has a long lifespan and is made of safe materials with tensile strength up to 70mpa, excellent tearing strength, high-temperature resistance, as well as oxidation resistance, and flexural resistance.

The easy on/off shower head has two switching modes for saving water and a big port convenient for water filling. Available at a lower price from other sellers who may not provide free Prime shipping, if there is any dissatisfaction with the quality of the bag, it will be replaced or refunded at the original price.

4Patriots Sun Kettle XL Solar Heater

The 4Patriots Sun Kettle XL has tons of valuable features that make it an excellent pick for backpackers, hunters, fishers, and hikers that are looking for the best solar powered heating whilst camping and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Essentially, this is a portable thermo flask comprising tempered glass tubing and parabolic mirrors. The mirrors trap sunlight and focus it on the glass tubing to heat the water. The flask has a capacity of 33.8 oz. 

What makes it the best solar heater for camping is that it’s made for use on the road. For instance, the glass tubing is shatter-resistant, while the shell is drop-resistant ABS plastic. That means it can withstand a few tumbles as you move around. 

The 4Patriots Sun Kettle XL is 2 ft. tall and weighs 3.7 pounds when empty. This compact solar heater will easily fit in your backpack, bug-out bag, and even emergency kit.

On a fairly sunny day, the 4Patriots Sun Kettle XL can bring water to a boil in 60-90 minutes. It might take longer, especially during winter when there’s less heating from the sun. But that’s expected.

MrMapMax Portable Solar Oven

If you want a camping heater that does more than just heat water, then this is it. Mrmapmax is the best solar heater for camping if you plan to cook food outdoors.

Mrmapmax is similar to the 4Patriots kettle XL in design and technology. It has parabolic reflectors that capture sun rays to focus them on the heatproof borosilicate glass tube. The only difference is that Mrmapmax can achieve temperatures up to 550°F in full sunlight. 

It also has a slide-in tray that converts it into an outdoor bbq. Besides boiling water, you can rely on Mrmapmax to prepare anything from Zucchini bread to egg tarts and roasted vegetables. The slide-in tray for cooking has a capacity of 4.5L, ideal for feeding 2-3 people.

This all-season solar cooker is 9″D x 23″W x 7″H in size and weighs 11.2 lbs. The solar oven zips into a durable case for easy storage when packing up.

DOKIO 160W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit

The Dokio solar panel kit is a cheaper alternative to the Grecell above. But that’s because it does not include a power station. In other words, this is a good choice if you already have a power station or 12v battery and want a solar panel kit to keep it charged during your outdoor adventures. 

Portable solar water heater

The Dokio 18v portable solar panel kit works with most big-name power stations, including Jackery, Goal Zero, and Paxcess. You can also use the included controller and alligator clips to charge the 12v battery in your camper van, motorhome, or boat to give you that Portable solar water heater experience you can only get at home.

The Dokio is quite sizable when in use. But most reviewers appreciate that it’s only 0.9 inches thick and lightweight at 9 lbs. On top of that, it comes with a 9.85ft cable for optimal positioning. 

Best Space Heaters for Camping

In addition to cooking when camping, we figured out you may want to keep your spaces warm. In that case, here are some of the best space heaters that will add to your camping experience.

Note that these space heaters are incomplete without a solar panel and battery kit. You’ll need to purchase this kit separately if you plan to power them using the new king of renewable energy- solar power. But these heaters for camping can also run from your wall outlet at home or office. 

Dentoleid Portable Electric Space Heater

Quick Specs 

  • Wattage: 600w
  • Modes: 2 (heating and natural wind)
  • Size: 4.92″D x 5.51″W x 7.48″H
  • Safety features: timer, tip-over protection, and overheating protection

Our first pick is a model with all the hallmarks of the best heater for camping. Its standout feature is the timer function, which turns off the heater after 1, 2, 3, or even 6 hours. This feature eliminates all your fears of falling asleep with the space heater on. 

Another cool feature of the Dentoloid space heater is its two operating modes. Besides heating your tiny spaces, this model also has a natural wind option that keeps you cool when it’s hot inside the tent. 

And it’s not a power sucker. The Dentoloid is a 600w portable electric space heater that runs off most camping solar panels and power kits. Its overheating and tilt protection are other great safety features that reviewers can’t stop raving about. This space heater is 4.92 “D x 5.51” W x 7.48 “H in size and has a stay-cool handle for easy portability. 

Dalsuc Electric Space Heater 

Quick Specs 

  • Wattage: 1000w/1500w
  • Modes: 3 (high, low, 3d flame effects)
  • Size: 8.4 x 8.7 x 5.3 inches
  • Safety features: Built-in thermostat, tip-over protection, and overheating protection 

Looking for the best 1000/1500-watt electric space heater for camping? The Dalsuc may be what you want. At this power rating, the Dalsuc will let you savor those tranquil winter moments, particularly when combined with the best sleeping bag for camping in cold weather.

It also scores a lot of marks in terms of portability and noise level, despite its higher heat output.

The Dalsuc space heater measures 8.4 x 8.7 x 5.3 inches and weighs 3.2 lbs. This is a compact heater for various spaces, including camping tents, offices, and bedrooms. Its small size means carrying and placing it won’t be an issue.

This electric space heater has two heat settings: low (1000w) and high (1500w). You can also turn on 3D flame effects to create a truly realistic fireplace experience. Interestingly, the Dalsuc keeps the noise level below 40 dB, which is considered soft for activities like sleeping and reading.

The Dalsuc electric space heater is big on safety features, too. A feature we like most is the built-in thermostat. This will automatically shut off the heater if the internal temperatures hit 165 degrees F by accident. It also has tip-over and overheating protection for good measure. 

Amazon Basics DQ2088 Electric Space Heater

Quick Specs 

  • Wattage: 520w
  • Modes: 3
  • Size: 5.1 x 3.5 x 7 inches
  • Safety features: cool touch housing, tip-over protection, and overheating protection

The Amazon Basics DQ2088 is among the top-rated solar heaters on Amazon today. Measuring 5.1 x 3.5 x 7 inches, it’s easy to see why this model is trendy among campers and office workers. 

Its 520-watt power rating may seem like a little. But as most reviewers agree, the DQ2088 only takes a few minutes to kick the cold. Its relatively low power rating actually means that it won’t be pulling a lot of juice from your solar-powered battery bank. 

The Amazon Basics DQ2088 comes in two design options. There’s a cheaper model that has only one setting- ON. But you can get the same heater with three temperature settings for just a few more dollars. The latter makes more sense because you can adjust the temperature to your liking, depending on how cold it is.

Regarding safety, the DQ2088 has a tip-over switch at the bottom. This feature cuts the power supply when the heater is knocked over to lower the risk of fires. 

Brightown Mini Heater: Power it by Solar

Brightown Mini Heater: Power it by Solar

Quick Specs 

  • Wattage: 400w
  • Modes: 1
  • Size: 6.3 x 3.15 x 6.3 inches
  • Safety features: stay-cool exterior, tip-over protection, and overheating protection

Brightown is another excellent option if you want the best heater for camping that gets the job done without a lot of frills. At 6.3 x 3.15 x 6.3 inches, this compact space heater won’t take up a lot of space inside your tent. 

The Brighton mini heater draws 400 watts and is rated for spaces of about 100 square feet. This model is ideal for most 2- to 4-man tents, but you can also use it to warm small bedrooms and offices in mild climate areas.

Its only downside is the need for temperature control functions and a timer. But if that’s not a problem for you, you get an affordable ETL-certified heater with overheat protection, a tip-over power cutout switch, and flame-retardant materials. We also like that its outer surface doesn’t get too hot to handle safely. 

Best Solar Heater for Camping Buying Guide 


Heaters that can be used for heating when camping range between 400w and 1500w. A model with more watts will have a higher heat output. But note that the cost of these units also goes up with the wattage. 

A 500w-800w heater will suffice if you plan to go camping in spring and fall. But winter camping requires a space heater that produces 1000-1500 watts. The higher, the better.


The best portable solar power tent heaters have heating and fan modes. This versatility gives you a device you can use in all seasons. A heater with low, moderate, and high heat settings is easier to adjust to your heating needs. 

Advanced solar heaters also have a timing function that turns them off after the specified time. This is an incredible feature if you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to switch the heater off. 


Depending on the design and construction materials, camping solar heaters can be a fire hazard. Some of the safety features to consider here include a tip-over switch, overheat protection, and flame-retardant materials. A stay-cool outer surface or handle is another safety feature that you shouldn’t overlook. 

Final Words 

The best solar heater for camping is not just for your outdoor adventures. You can also use it to make pots of coffee or tea in your backyard and save the planet with every pot. It also makes a nice addition to the emergency kit in your RV, boat, or motorhome.

Stay warm!