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Ozark Trail vs Coleman Tents: Do You Know Which One is The Best?

Ozark Trail vs Coleman tents

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 03:05 am

Outdoor adventures are much better with tents of great quality. Tents contribute significantly to making the experience much more enjoyable and memorable. The converse is also true—tents that are not well constructed can utterly destroy the camping trip. One common debate in the tent market is the one between Ozark Trail and Coleman tents. 

Coleman and Ozark are famous brands that manufacture various gear for outdoor camping. Both are known for the reasonable pricing of their products. When it comes to tents, Ozark is a family favorite as it focuses on larger tents. Coleman offers a wide range of tents to choose from in terms of type and size. The tents are also affordable and easily accessible. Ozark does not compromise on quality. 

Many would like to know how these two renowned brands compared to each other. This article is a more comprehensive review of the brands and their best camping tent products so you know what to look for the next time you are in the market for tents. 

Ozark Trail Vs Coleman Tents

The camping space is very competitive which new brands mushrooming by the day. However, there are still several reputable brands that have been in the market for the longest time. Their products have stood the test of time and are still favorites among many.

Two great examples of these brands are the Ozark Trail and Coleman brands. These brands have produced tents that have ranked among the best more than once. Therefore, it is no surprise if you are faced with a dilemma between the two. 

Ozark Trail Tents 

Ozark Trail tent

The Ozark Trail is more of a family brand. This can clearly be seen in the tents they provide. They focus majorly on the larger-sized tents for family campers.

With this brand, you can get anything from 6-person tents up to 12-person tents. There are also smaller tents if you are not going for size.

However, this brand is known for its larger tents and hence, they offer more features compared to the smaller ones. You need not worry when it comes to the costs—they are all at affordable prices.


High Quality 

Ozark Trail has quality in mind when it comes to manufacturing all its products. These tents can last a long time even with frequent use. 

Great Waterproofing 

The tents are designed with great waterproofing abilities. Therefore, you can use them in a wet camping site and not worry about rain seeping into the tent. 

Great Wind Resistance 

Ozark Trail tents have outstanding wind resistance. They are durable in the harshest of conditions and can withstand strong winds. 

Instant Setup 

Most of the Ozark Trail tents come with the convenient ‘instant set-up’ function. This saves you a great deal of time when you arrive late at a camping site for instance. The poles are pre-attached to the fabric allowing the tent to be set up in a matter of seconds. And this applies to the large tents as well. 


You get to enjoy quality and durability at an affordable price with Ozark Trail tents. They indeed offer value for your money from the smaller tents to the family-sized tents. 


Limited Options 

Unfortunately, Ozark Trail is not that common in outdoor spaces. Therefore, they do not offer as many options for campers to choose from. 

No Backpacking Tents

As earlier mentioned, this brand focuses more on family tents and less on other types of tents. You are not likely to find a good backpacking tent from this brand. 

Coleman Tents 

Coleman tents

The Coleman brand has been around for a long time. It strives to make products that give campers a great time outdoors. This explains why they have a wide range of products to choose from.

There are smaller tents for solo adventurers and family tents alike. This brand specializes in affordability, uniqueness, and variety. 



Coleman has something for everyone. You can choose from their product line for small tents for solo campers, tents for a group of friends, and family-sized tents. Regardless of the outdoor adventure, you are planning to go on, you can find a suitable tent from Coleman. 


All the tents by Coleman are affordable. The brand is a go-to for those on a budget and low-income families to enjoy some time outdoors as well. 


Lack of Quality 

Compared to other brands, Coleman tents slip through the quality control much easier. 


Both brands made tents that are heavy weight making them effective for beginners and families with children. Their tents can last a long time with proper care. 

It all comes down to preference and use. Coleman is preferred since it comes with some unique features and small-size tents. Ozark is the go-to among family campers and offers plenty of features as well.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a tent is comfort. At the end of the day, you would like a semblance of comfort when outdoors. The tent should also be easy to set up for convenience and to save time. Moreover, the tent should be durable and of the right size and weight. 

Final Thoughts

Many outdoor enthusiasts have had to choose between Coleman and Ozark Trail tents at some point. Inasmuch as Ozark Trial offers limited options to choose from, the tents available perform superbly in the field. However, they do not have solo campers in mind. That is where Coleman comes in, with a wide range of options to choose from.