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9 Best Solar String Lights for Camping: For Ultimate Camping Ambience!

Best Solar String Lights for Camping

Last updated on September 16th, 2023 at 12:31 am

The Best Solar String Lights for Camping are an easy way of adding ambiance inside your camper and around your tent. Their soft glow also set the mood for partying and socializing, opening a new world of friends. Im here to let you know a few awesome and stylish products we use to illuminate our campsite.

Editor’s Picks 

The best solar-powered string lights can also be a fun way to complement other off-grid lighting solutions like camping lanterns and flashlights. Whatever your motivation, here are our recommendations for the best solar strings for camping 2023 and beyond! 

Best Solar String Lights for Camping Reviews 2023

GLUROO best string lights for camping – Waterproof

These are my fave string lights for camping Love them so far, Each light lights up and shines brightly. Just what I wanted.


I have these amazing 48-foot outdoor string lights that come with a 6-feet solar panel to first bulb spacing. Each LED S14 bulb (E12 base) is 3 feet apart. I’m impressed by the independently sealed lamp wick, the outer unbreakable PET shell of each bulb, not to mention the double-sealed shell that makes them shatterproof and waterproof.

Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
Special FeatureNot dimmable, auto on/off, energy saving, waterproof, shatterproof, solar&usb charing, 4 lighting modesNot dimmable, auto on/off, energy saving, waterproof, shatterproof, solar&usb charing, 4 lighting modes
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourceSolar Powered
Light ColorWarm White
OccasionWedding, Christmas, Birthday

Key Benefits

  • [Durable Solar Outdoor String Lights] The length from solar panel to first bulb is 6 feet, with 3 feet spacing between each LED S14 bulb (E12 base). The total length of string lights is 48 feet.
  • [Shatterproof& Waterproof Solar Patio Lights] The bulbs uses independently sealed lamp wick, outer the wick is another unbreakable PET shell. Double sealed shell make it a bulb that withstand extreme temperature, wind, rain, snow and humidity.
  • [Solar& USB Charging] Charging time is 6-8 hours under direct sunlight. Using 8-10 hours for whole night. A USB cable is included to ensure the string lights for outside can work well even in rainy days.
  • [Four Lighting Modes] With 4 lighting modes, it can meet any of your lighting needs. Steady on for daily use, slow flash, fast flash and breath mode for a warm atmosphere. The string lights has a brightness sensor, it will automatically turned on at night and turn off in the morning.
  • [Easy Install & Wide Decoration Use] GLUROO string lights for outside are perfect decoration for outdoor, patio, bistro, camping, cafe, balcony, pergola, gazebo, canopy, house, village, apartment, festival, wedding, birthday, Christmas, yard party.

I can’t wait to enjoy them on my patio! These 48-feet outdoor string lights have a 6-feet solar panel to first bulb spacing and each LED S14 bulb (E12 base) is 3-feet apart. The bulbs feature an independently sealed lamp wick, outer unbreakable PET shell, and double-sealed shell that withstands extreme temperatures, wind, rain, snow, and humidity to make them shatterproof & waterproof.

Avatar Controls Solar String Lights

Whether you want to add ambiance or light up your camping area, these solar string lights by Avatar Controls will suffice. We loved their thoughtful construction, design, and easy setup. 

The Avatar Controls string lights have a color temperature between 2700k and 10000k. That’s to say, you can adjust them from warm white all the way to cool light. Add a high-sensitivity mic, customizable light color, and four music mode options. The result is a set of lights you can use anywhere and customize for any mood.

We like that the bulbs are made of plastic and are IP67 water-resistant. In other words, they are shatterproof and can be used throughout the year. These string lights are solar-powered, although they also accept USB charging. Control is via a mobile phone app with a timer function, remote control, or two buttons on the console. 

Bomcosy Solar String Lights

If you want to add a relaxed or romantic feel to your camping area, these solar-powered string lights by Bomcosy will do the trick. The set consists of 100 ft of wire (more than enough to cover even a big tent), 50 bulbs (plus 2 spares), a solar panel, and a built-in 4400mAh rechargeable battery. 

The solar panel and bulbs are IP65 rated, meaning they are waterproof and snowproof. The globe bulbs are made of acrylic material, which makes them shatterproof, sunproof, and sand-proof. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these solar string lights are ideal for use anywhere, even in extreme weather. 

Regarding function, the Bomcosy has four brightness adjustments, four lighting modes, and automatic turning ON/OFF that can be set for 3 or 5 hours. You can control them through the buttons on the console or remote control for added convenience. 

The Bomcosy string lights are powered by solar or USB. The 4400mAh battery offers up to 12 hours of light output when fully charged. 

FMART Solar Outdoor String Lights 

The Fmart is another recommendation of the best solar strings for camping to buy 2023. These lights impressed our team of reviewers with their clean look and feel and their overall easy setup. 

With their retro Edison style, the Fmart outdoor string lights will add a warm, gentle glow around your tent or camper. Whether for creating a romantic ambiance or lighting your surroundings, these 1-watt bulbs are up to the task. 

Our only minor complaint is the lack of a dimmer. But if that’s no biggie for you, you get 30 bulbs strung on a 100-foot line. The bulbs are IP65-rated, meaning they can withstand normal weather conditions. The bulb shell is made of high-quality, clear plastic to eliminate all worries of shattering. And they use a parallel connection, so one broken bulb doesn’t affect the rest. 

The Fmart solar string lights allow solar and USB charging. They will work continuously for 10 hours and offer four lighting modes. 

SUNTHIN 48-ft Solar String Light

best solar string lights for camping (budget option)

If you’re looking for the best solar strings for camping on a budget, the lights from Sunthin may be a perfect choice. They are the most affordable models in these reviews, yet they tick all the boxes regarding performance, versatility, and ease of use. 

The Sunthin solar string lights are a pack of 15 one-watt bulbs (+1 spare) connected on a 48-foot wire. There’s also an option to get them as 8 bulbs strung on a 24-foot wire.

The Sunthing solar string lights add an element of convenience with their automatic ON/OFF. Two buttons at the back of the solar panel also allow you to manually turn the lights on/off and switch between four modes: solid, pulsating, fast strobe, and slow strobe.

How to Buy the Best Solar String Lights for Camping- Key Things to Consider


Think about where you intend to hang or install the lights. String light wires come in different lengths ranging from 20 ft all the way to 100 ft (even longer). A longer wire means more space covered. Also, remember to consider the number of bulbs connected to the wire. Another crucial consideration here is the ability to connect two separate wires when you need to cover more space in the future. 

Lighting Modes

Simple ON/OFF solar string lights will suffice if for lighting only. But some string lights offer different lighting modes intended to create just the right vibe and mood for different scenarios, be it romantic dinners or camp parties. If you’re a party animal, whether at the campsite or home, the latter sounds like a welcome option. 

Powering and Working Time

The essence of solar strings is to add style and atmosphere while using the free energy from the sun. But there are times when there may not be enough sunlight to charge the battery fully. The best solar string lights for camping don’t rely on solar power only. They are designed to charge via USB, meaning they will still add fun color to your camp parties, whatever the weather.

Color Temperature 

Color temperature is a measure of how warm (yellow) or cool (blue) the light appears. It’s measured in Kelvin. Lights with a lower Kelvin (2700k-3300k) are considered warm, while those with a higher Kelvin (3300k-5300k) appear cooler. Lower Kelvin string lights create a cozy and sleepy feeling, making them ideal when you want to relax. On the contrary, higher Kelvin lights are the perfect choice for kicking dizziness out and adding a more energetic feel. If your camping life calls for both worlds, go for solar string lights with adjustable color temperatures. 

Lastly, Durability 

When buying the best solar strings for camping, you want to ensure that the bulbs can withstand all weather extremes. You first want to consider the IP rating, targeting products rated IP65 and above. You want the solar light system to be shatterproof, waterproof, sunproof, and sandproof.

Enjoy Your Lighting!