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Best Camping Butter Dish Reviews

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 12:43 am

Nothing else comes close to the taste of “real” food after a long day of hiking trails, sightseeing, or fishing. Speaking of food, butter- whether salted, unsalted, whipped, or European style- is an ideal ingredient when backpacking, RVing, or boating. Whether you prefer it for your campfire toast in the morning or for greasing up your pan when creating a savory dish, our list has the best camping butter dish for your style and money. 

Editor’s Picks 

We based these best camping butter dish reviews on our personal preferences. Our team sorted them based on their quality, functionality, and convenience. 

Best Camping Butter Dish to Buy Today

Signora Cover Butter Container

best camping butter dish on budget

Our first pick of the best camping butter dish for the money is this cover butter container by Signora Ware. Let’s face it: a butter dish need not cost the earth. This model will fit the bill if you’re interested in an affordable and simple but functional butter keeper. 

The Signora cover butter container is the most affordable in this list, yet one of the highest rated. It’s made of 100% food-grade and virgin plastic and comes in three colors; red, black, and white. 

The container measures 5.5” by 2.25” and is big enough to hold 1.5 cups of butter. The lid measures 6” by 3”. Its transparent design means you are always updated regarding the amount of butter left. And the non-slip base and mess-free scoop ramps with scrape edges are there to make butter serving more convenient. 

FENRIDAN Butter Dish with Lid

Best camping butter dish metal

Our next recommendation of the best camping butter dish stands out from the rest thanks to a few features. For one, the Fenridan butter dish is made of stainless steel, making it more dependable than its plastic, ceramic, and glass alternatives.

Besides being shatterproof, this stainless steel butter dish with lid offers a surefire way to keep your butter from sunlight, air, and bacteria, thus preventing unwanted decomposition. Interestingly, its natural bamboo lid also serves as a cutting board when serving butter. 

The Fenridan butter dish with lid measures 6.02” by 4.02” by 2.72”. This large capacity makes it a good deal for all sizes of butter. 

Butter Hub Extra Large Butter Dish

There’s a reason why this butter dish from Butter Hub has garnered close to 6k five-star reviews on Amazon (at the time of writing). It’s thoughtfully designed for heavy use, is mess-free, and is a breeze to bring on most outdoor camping trips. 

The Butter Hub dish is food-grade, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe plastic. Its dimensions are 20.6 by 9.4 by 5.8 inches and hold up to 250 grams of butter blocks. The butter hold has reasonably raised ramps to make scooping butter easy and to avoid messes on the lid rim. 

But what stands out for most campers is the magnet built into the lid. It offers a welcome holder for the butter knife, so you don’t hunt for it whenever you need it. The magnet also makes it easy to carry the butter dish and knife as a package in one hand.

AISBUGUR Butter Crock Butter Keeper

best camping butter dish ceramic

We don’t always recommend ceramic when shopping for the best dishes for RV camping. But if you prefer camping in style, the Aisbugur is the best camping butter dish, particularly if you like ceramic camping sets. 

The Aisbugur crock butter keeper is the best way to keep your butter fresh and ready to spread when camping. Its lid has a crock that holds softened butter over water, which must be changed frequently or mixed with ice when camping in a hot area. The design also includes a silicone ring that ensures better sealing to keep your butter fresh and tasty. 

What to Consider When Buying the Best Camping Butter Dish 

Type/ Materials 

You will have different materials to choose from. They include, 

  • Plastic butter dish. This is the most common type among campers. They are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a good option when on a budget. They are also easy to carry due to their lightweight. We recommend one with a clear lid to monitor how much butter you have left. 
  • Metal butter dishes. Despite being heavier, metal dishes are more susceptible to breakage during camping. They also keep the butter fresher for longer. They may also heat up faster during hot weather conditions.   
  • Silicon butter dish. What makes them an ideal choice for a camper is their flexibility, lightweight, and easy packing and carrying. The only downside is that they require extra attention since they are more prone to breakages. 


When choosing the size, you have to consider several factors. First, consider the amount of butter you need during the camping trip. A larger dish is better if you are camping with a group of friends and for a long time.

Remember that butter sticks come in different sizes depending on your region, so checking them before settling on the best dish is advisable. It is also crucial to consider the space in your cooler or backpack.

Ease of Cleaning

Let’s face it; butter is oily and messy when cleaning. From a hygienic point of view, ease of cleaning is one of the most critical factors. Luckily, many butter dishes come with a slick glaze, making them much easier to clean. A simple butter dish with a removable lid and a considerable size is easier to wash outdoors. 

An important aspect to also consider is the ability to use a dishwasher to clean the butter dishes. Metal dishes are not dishwasher-friendly, but plastic and silicon are. However, hand cleaning is recommended to prevent the dishes from fading. 


From a portability point of view, plastic and silicon butter dishes are clear of metal butter dishes. Their flexibility and lightweight make them ideal, especially if you want to keep your backpack as light as possible. Consider a slim shape that only takes up a little space in the cooler or backpack. 


Camping conditions can get extreme, so choosing a durable butter dish is essential. The longevity of your camping gear will depend on the materials used to make the dishes. Plastic and silicon are very delicate and require extra care. On the other hand, metal dishes are very safe, even in extreme conditions. 

Lastly, design 

Though less essential than the rest, design is another factor to consider. An attractive unique design will give you a sense of belonging while outdoors. One tip to help you choose the most personal style is to think of a style and color that easily reflects your personality.