Can You Wash a Duvet Cover With the Duvet Inside? Let’s Find Out

can you wash a duvet cover with the duvet inside

Last updated on July 26th, 2023 at 05:34 am

Everyone loves a fresh and clean bed, but can you wash a duvet cover with the duvet inside? Not many people are ready to do what it takes to have that. Regular laundering of the duvet covers is essential to remove sweat and odors, keep dust mites and allergens low, and ensure you sleep in a clean bed. 

It is not recommended to wash the duvet cover with the insert still inside. The reasons include a longer drying time and this creates more opportunities for the duvet and duvet cover to rip in the washing machine. Still, it is prudent to check the care instructions on the duvet before tossing it in the washing machine. 

This article covers the instances when you can and when you should never wash the duvet cover with the duvet inside.  

What Is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is similar to a pillowcase in that it protects the duvet from grime and dirt and reduces the frequency of washing the duvet. Duvet colors are available in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your style without buying a new duvet. 

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Can You Wash a Duvet Cover With the Duvet Inside?

Can you wash a duvet cover with the duvet inside

Yes, you can wash a duvet cover with the duvet inside. However, this should not be done without making certain considerations. For starters, drying a duvet cover with the duvet inside is likely to take forever.

Considering that the duvet cover is used so you have an easier time cleaning, there is no point in washing both of them at the same time. 

Washing the duvet insert as often is unnecessary, except in case of accidents or when storing it away. Attempting to wash the duvet cover with the duvet inside can cause damage to the washing machine.

Duvets tend to have a much heavier filling than the duvet cover, which puts a lot of strain on the internal components of the washer. Smaller machines will be damaged due to overloading.

Benefits of washing your duvet cover with the duvet inside

Washing a duvet cover with the duvet inside is a quick and easy way to keep a clean and fresh bed all year round. Putting your duvet inside the cover before washing adds an extra layer of cleanliness, protects your duvet from wear and tear, and saves time when it comes to putting everything back together. Plus, it ensures your bed is always ready for a good night’s sleep!

Key Benefits

  • Washing a duvet cover with the duvet inside saves time and effort
  • Ensures that the duvet and cover will stay in perfect alignment
  • Provides a flawless and clean appearance to your bed
  • Enjoy fresh and cozy sleep every night
  • Consider washing your duvet cover with the duvet inside for an easy and efficient way to clean your bedding. Trust us. Your sleep routine will thank you!

When Can You Wash a Duvet Cover With the Duvet Inside?

As mentioned earlier, duvet covers are used so you can avoid washing the duvet. However, several situations may call for washing this cover without removing the duvet. 

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When Should You Avoid Washing a Duvet Cover with the Duvet Inside?

If you have a duvet that’s too difficult to remove, washing the duvet cover along with the duvet is not recommended.

This is because the duvet may not get washed thoroughly, and any dirt or stains on it will not be completely removed. It’s better to spot-clean the duvet cover if needed and air out the duvet itself.

In general, it’s a good idea to wash duvet covers separately to prevent any damage or tangling. By taking care of your duvets, you will ensure their longevity and have a peaceful sleep every night.

The Duvet Cover Cannot Be Removed

Some duvets come with the cover sewn into them. Such covers are not designed to be removed; care should often be taken to remove them. If you have this type, you can risk damage by removing the cover or washing both together. 

You Do Not Know How to Put the Duvet Cover Back On

Not knowing how to put the duvet cover back on often forces some people to wash them together with the duvet. This is a common problem, especially if it is your first time getting a duvet cover. These are often designed with intricate patterns that can be difficult to line up. The easier option becomes washing the duvet alongside the duvet cover. 

You Have a Lightweight Duvet 

There are lightweight duvets that can be used all year round. These have a washer-friendly filling so you can wash them along with the cover. Ensure that you check the washing instructions and type of filling. 

When Should I Never Wash a Duvet Cover With the Duvet Inside?

If possible, avoid washing the duvet cover with the duvet inside. Still, there are situations where you should never wash them together. 

You Have a Small Washing Machine

The King and Queen size duvets are often bulky and difficult to wash, even without the cover. Doing so is just asking for trouble. Small washing machines can easily get overloaded and end up with a water-logged mess. 

The Filling in the Duvet Is Down

A duvet with a down filling should never be washed in the machine. These duvets are delicate as the feathers can get damaged or clump together ruining them. You should spot-clean the stains for such duvets and have them professionally cleaned annually. 

Delicate Duvet Cover

Some of the duvet covers are made of delicate materials such as linen or silk. If that is the case, removing the cover before washing is best. 


The recommendations on how often to wash the duvet cover vary with different people, use, and whether you are using a top sheet. Generally, the cover should be washed once a week. However, putting the top sheet into consideration, it can be once a month. 

Most duvet covers can be tossed in the dryer on medium heat and do just fine. Sometimes it is preferable to line-dry the cover. To prevent clumping, use dryer balls or tennis balls to fluff up the duvet cover. 

Pillow shams can be washed the same way as duvet covers unless they are beaded, feature ornamental details, or are embroidered. In such cases, hand washing is recommended so they do not get mangled or shredded in the machine. 

Final Thoughts

Washing a duvet cover with the duvet inside is not always the best idea. While there are several exceptions, it is much safer and easier to wash both of them separately. This extends the life of the duvet and ensures that it is in good condition for many years.

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